Windows Recovery Virus Removal

Windows Recovery Virus

There is fake software that goes by the name Windows recovery that promises to optimize the computer by removing all possible errors that might be slowing down the machine. This virus has been a menace and many people have been trying to find ways to remove it from their computer. To avoid getting the virus in the first place, you can have your computers security wall and measures tight by installing an antivirus that protects from malicious software like windows recovery virus and put up your firewall protection against other unwanted software applications that might want to sneak their way into your computer without your permission. Virus software are often disguised as legitimate software that either does this or that, often something flashy to catch your attention but once you accept and install it, it goes right ahead and begins to damage your computer by either deleting very essential and important files or disabling certain functions. With an antivirus that is active and up to date, you can be able to detect all unwanted virus software and any other unwanted applications even before they enter your machine. This is the job of an antivirus in your system.  However, you might have found yourself in a situation where a virus has already attacked your machine and you can clean it out an remove it completely using certain processes and procedures.  These are some of the procedures that are used to remove windows recovery virus.

This virus is often distributed through other hacked websites and how it gets into your computer is while you are surfing the internet, you come across a message instructing you to install a flash update and if you do that however genuinely and innocently, the windows recovery virus gets into your system and infects your computer. It then starts running automatically and hides random content in different folders, when you try to run some applications you get error messages which is actually the virus trying to convince you that there is a problem with your computer for you to use it to fix.  Do not do that at any cost. However, good news is that you can actually remove the virus from your computer and continue using the computer normally without any problems. The first method of removal is automated where you will be required to use a genuine updated anti-malware software program. Many computer security companies have been working relentlessly to fight such menace programs. There are several merchant anti-malware programs that you can purchase and install and use to scan your computer and delete or quarantine the virus and any other virus on the computer.

This is the best method of removing the windows recovery virus from your computer but there are many other manual methods which need a more technical approach so as not to remove very essential software on the machine. The other method is by rebooting with safe mode and networking, un-hiding hidden files and finally removing TDSS Trojan-rootkit.

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    Thanks for the article i perosnally use comodo system utiilities to remove unwanted software

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