Whey Protein Powder Reviews For 2012

Putting up some body muscles and toning them up to create a well sculptured body requires more protein intake. If you are trying to build your muscles to possess a great body then you should take a lot of protein. Protein is also good for the immunity system and heals wounds faster.  Aside from protein diet in food intake, you need a food supplement that comes in capsule, tablet or pill. Now there are other forms that you can have protein in your body in the form of juice, bars and powder. What’s good with protein powder is that it takes only 30 minutes for the body to absorb it. Not all proteins are effective for building up body muscles like the protein we get from meat. The best protein for body building is whey, casein, eggs and soy.

Protein Powder Reviews have showed:

a)       Whey – most commonly used protein, fast acting and releases amino acids immediately for 2 to 3 hours;

b)      Casein – extremely slow digesting protein but continues to release amino acids longer than whey (7 hours).  It is recommended to take this before going to bed.  The slow release of amino acids will help preserve muscle tissue;

c)      Egg – has highest content of amino acids and, also has highest rating of protein efficiency;

d)     Soy – good source is soya beans.  It helps to lower cholesterol.  Usually good for women than men.  It is not recommended for men to take this every day.


How much protein intake you need per day?  It entirely depends on your daily activities.  If you are an athlete or a body builder, you need more than what a normal activities require.

Search for some protein powder reviews for you to learn more about Protein powder and it being one of the most effective if you take it as a power drink or even eat it for dessert. You can have this power drink in the morning, as a snack, in between meals, with meals, before going to sleep, or after a workout, but not before or during a workout.

Look for whey protein powder reviews if you want to know what to consider when you are looking for a protein powder:  First, you need to check if it has natural ingredients.  Is it low on sugar?  Does it contain some vitamins and minerals that your body needs?  Is it good for your overall health?  And does it taste good?  For the taste, you can have it with a fruit like in a fruit shake for that power drink. Protein powder fruit shake is good for a meal replacement if you’re on a diet that requires you to eat small meals.

When protein powder is taken as a drink, it breaks down and releases nitrogen, aside from amino acids, and this nitrogen is flushed out through the kidneys.  That’s why people who take protein powder drink will have to release nitrogen through frequent urination. This frequency can cause stress to your kidneys.  So if you have kidney problems, this can be harmful to you.  If you don’t have a kidney problem, then it is alright even if you take too much protein as there are no studies that showed that excessive protein is harmful.

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