What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

Medical Assistant Responsibilities

The type of work that medical assistants do will largely depend on their educational qualification and experience in the field. That will also depend on the available opportunities at their working places and other factors too. So, what exactly does a medical assistant do? In some doctor’s offices a medical assistant will be designated the duties of having the first contact with the patients especially if there is the shortage for qualified people in that field. This first contact may involve taking of blood samples and testing, taking tests such as ultra sounds and even look at the medical histories of the patients. However, for a medical assistant to perform some of the tasks they will need a higher medical training and qualification.

For instance, to be able to take blood samples and doing blood tests and other tests, a medical assistant will need to be trained to a higher qualification than high school. Training for medical assistants can be getting an associate degree from medical school; other will get trained from vocational colleges and other institutions that offer medical courses. In some states, there are boards that determine just what qualifications a medical assistant should have to perform certain tasks. Sometimes additional hands-on experience will also be required to perform some jobs in the medical facility where they work. Other benefits for going to school such as medical school for further training is that as a medical assistant you will be able to command a relatively higher salary as compared to without being formally trained.

Nevertheless, some of the other jobs that a medical assistance will do include but not limited to front office functions such as secretarial work, answering phones and making appointments for the doctors and patients, ordering supplies for the clinic, greeting patients when they come into the medical center, pulling and filing patient charts that show the patient’s progress and converting charts to electronic charting. These front office functions are to be done by the medical assistance to help the hospital in running smoothly. There are other functions that are considered more of back office functions which include taking patient weights, taking the blood pressure, escorting the patients to their rooms and offering any other mobility assistance, taking the patient’s medical histories and filing them, interviewing patients to know any other related issues that are relevant to their treatment, clarifying the doctor’s instruction to enable the patients know what they are requested to do and many others.

Although the front office functions are designated to secretaries, medical assistants are at times assigned these duties especially if the secretary is not available. The higher the medical assistant qualifications are the more technical duties are offered to them to do at the hospital. In most cases the patients will not even know what qualifications the medical assistant has when they are working with them because the qualifications vary a lot but when the assistant is about to perform a more technical function, the patient may need to ascertain the qualifications. That should answer your question of What does a medical assistant do? If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment below.

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