Weight Loss Quotes For Motivation

Reading let you think. Thinking and reading burns calories. Reading weight loss quotes help dieters to stay on track and keeps them motivated.

Weight loss is mind over body. If you think hard to lose weight and put your mind into exercising and losing those unwanted fat that clings and hangs on your waist since you can remember, your body will follow your thoughts.

Being focused and motivated all the time, most of the time, is not the case for dieters. Dieters get easily distracted from their dieting with all temptations just looming around the corner. Those dieters that go to the gym in the mall are distracted by people passing the windows with their kids eating ice cream or those couples having pizza and cappuccino across the street. The dieters that are dieting and exercising at home are distracted all the time by their mom’s home cooked food for dinner or their wives freshly baked pastries. Dieters get distracted all the time.

One way of keeping them focused with their goals is to plaster weight loss quotes posters on the gym walls, in front of the treadmill, on the windows, or anywhere the dieters can lay their eyes on. These posters don’t have to be big like a billboard advertisement on a highway. They can be just as small as an 8.5 x11 inches bond paper.

Some may wonder what the quotations mean, some will easily get what it means as soon as they read it.

Weight loss quotes can be derived from a song, from speeches of famous people in politics or the silver screen. The quotes may come from a script in a play, movie or TV shows. It can also be taken from a book, a newspaper, a magazine or somebody’s journal. Weight loss quotes can be taken from just about anywhere. What is important is that these quotes allow the message to be sent to the dieters that they can lose weight and have a healthier physique.

These quotes should help push dieters to lose weight even if they don’t directly convey or mention weight loss. Rather, these quotes allow the person’s mind to interpret them with emotions inspiring them to lose weight.

Some quotes’ subject are someone’s habits or ways of life, while some quotes are meant to push someone a little harder to achieve his goals. Nonetheless, the dieters, the readers of these quotes have their own way of using them to help them focus, shape up and stay fit.

However, it is still the will power and the hunger of the dieter to strive and achieve a better and healthier body. It is still up to the person to switch off the television and run, or get off the couch and do pull ups, to exercise, to eat right. You are still responsible for that.

To inspire, to motivate, to push someone to exercise, to make someone smile and have fun losing those excess flabs and shaping up, these are what these weight loss quotes are for.


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  1. Tara says:

    I always thought that exercise and diet plans are the safest methods to lose weight. People can take better control of their weight. I wouldn’t want too many chemical in my system anyway!

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