Viviscal Hair Loss Treatment For Women


Viviscal is a relatively popular hair loss treatment intended for women suffering from a thinning or loss of hair due to age or other conditions. It is a simple dietary supplement that is taken daily over a period of six months. Many have found much solace in Viviscal, as it works wonderfully for some while failing to impress others with its results. It nevertheless remains among the more popular of hair loss remedies for women, although they do also now offer a supplement for men as well.

Following the Viviscal regimen requires the client to consume two tablets of the chemical each day, which should be supplemented with the company’s scalp lotion daily and shampoo every few days. The combination of the dietary supplements and specialized shampoo and scalp lotion is supposed to render the product vastly more productive and able to better refill the head with hair.

Customer reviews regarding Viviscal are rather ambivalent, with some clients claiming an immense amount of success and some claiming gimmickiness and ineffectiveness. Although one must be weary of any alternative treatment methods, especially ones that are marketed for the regrowing of hair, Viviscal’s efficacy seems to vary wildly between individual customers. This is probably due to the fact that any treatment method’s effectiveness depends upon a huge amount of factors that vary for each person.

The people who have had successful experiences with Viviscal commonly report a near doubling of hair growth, as well as some excessive nail growth. This has caused a massive surge in the popularity of this product, especially among aging women who are suffering from the hair loss and decreased production that often accompanies middle and old age. This product also has experienced a growth in popularity because its regimen entails taking only a simple dietary supplement twice each day.

Although many people have claimed Viviscal to be an exceptionally effective product, scientific research has been scarce and has not proven this product efficacious in a scientific context. Viviscal seems to be a very safe product to use, however, with the only major complaint of its customers being the greasy hair that they often develop that warrants bathing on a daily basis.

Those who are considering the use of Viviscal to regain a full and healthy head of hair should browse customer reviews of people who have already tried this product, as firsthand experiences are the best source of information when considering a new hair loss treatment. Although Viviscal has not been linked to the development of any serious side effects or health conditions, one may wish to obtain the opinion of a medical professional if they have any health concerns that may be pertinent to the efficacy or safety of this product.

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