Tooth Extraction Cost Going Up?

Tooth extraction is done to correct smile, to remove a tooth that has decayed and to prevent further gum illnesses and infections. Tooth extraction cost can be expensive especially when done by a highly skilled dentist. Nevertheless, tooth care should be done by professionals. Simple tooth extraction can cost you from $70 to $100. This also varies on the location of the dental office.

Health insurance usually shoulders the cost when you have your tooth extracted. It depends on the insurance plan a person has. Sometimes, the insured person has to copy the extraction cost and payment can be less or higher depending on the health insurance plan.

Payment plans are usually available for the extraction cost if the patient does not have a health insurance or state-provided health plan. Tooth extraction cost is divided in easy payment terms. However, initial payment is required before the extraction is performed. You can also compare tooth extraction rate and payment plan in your area before choosing which dental clinic will perform this procedure on you.

Choose a licensed and experienced dentist that will do the tooth extraction. Make sure that they have been trained well and have all the certification needed to become a qualified dentist. Be sure that you are comfortable with the dentist; after all, tooth extraction is a painful procedure. The dentist should be able to make you feel at ease and will talk to you about the cause why you are having that particular tooth extracted, the tooth extraction procedure, how long it is going to take to remove the teeth, and what to expect after the procedure. Painkillers are usually subscribed and antibacterial medicines or anti-biotic are sometimes taken for more severe tooth extraction.

Delaying the treatment or removal of decaying teeth will result to higher tooth extraction cost. That decaying teeth can affect your other teeth and your gums might also be affected. You will end up needing more of your teeth treated rather than one single decaying tooth.

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction is higher than simple tooth extraction. Oral surgeons usually do this procedure and they specialize in wisdom tooth extraction. The experience, educational background and reputation of the oral surgeon usually determine the cost. The difficulty of the procedure will also make it costly. It will cost you from $150 to $400. Insurance usually covers only 50% of the wisdom tooth extraction rate.

Assessments are made first by studying or doing an x-ray of the area or the whole teeth area of the patient. X-ray will show what teeth will be affected. After doing this, only then will the dentist be able to determine if the wisdom tooth or teeth needs to be extracted. Anesthesia is usually administered before wisdom tooth extraction. This is to lessen the pain during the procedure. Stitches may also be required to prevent further bleeding and for the wound to heal faster.

Prevention is always the key to avoid expensive tooth extraction cost. Always take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly. Visit your dentist at least twice a year for check-ups and teeth cleaning.


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