The Wonder of Wuggle Pets

Wuggle Pets

As Seen on TV, “Wuggle Pets” are a fun way for a child to make their very own friend they will cherish for years to come!

Wuggle Pets are easy and fun to make. They are collectable and tradable and each Wuggle has its own mark, so that the purchaser can be sure that they have the original and not a fake.

The idea with this stuffed animal is that as the child fills it with stuffing it seems to come to life.  The child can then name it with the adoption certificate, and give it a personality with the choice of 12 personality charms.  In addition, a magic voice box is available for purchase in addition to the set.

When a child makes his own stuffed animal, there is a sense of pride and ownership that does not come with a purchased pre-stuffed, stuffed animal. Also there is the fun of getting to make a stuffed animal and make it as fluffy as is individually preferred.   One thing that raises confusion is that the magic voice box feature which is optional and additional, it is hard to figure out where to get this or how much it costs.  A special feature like this should be easy to find, one would think.  There were even questions regarding this on the site, but nobody had answered the question, so it remains a mystery.

You can buy Wuggle Pets in a two pack, which comes with Playful Puppy and Magical Unicorn. Each animal comes with a clip so a child can attach it to their backpack, suitcase or anywhere they want to travel with them.   This is considered the starter pack and comes with the two characters named, two birth certificates, 1 fun filled factory, two bags of stuffing fluff, 12 charms, two bags of magic dust, and one zipper-up tool. And you can make them talk with the optional voice box.  With the two birth certificates, a child can name his or her own Wuggle Pets!

The Wuggle Pets, party pack is made especially for a child’s party or if a child wants to collect them all.  The Party Pack comes with Cuddle Puppy, Magical Unicorn, Funny Monkey, Sunny Bunny, Earful Elephant, Playful Pony, Clever Raccoon, and Bashful Bear. Each animal comes with a clip so the child can clip it to their backpack, suitcase, belt, purse or anywhere they want to travel with them. All eight pets in the Party Pack come with their own adoption papers for personalization, fluff, 12 charms per animal, magic dust, and two zipper-up tools.  Only one fun fill factory comes with this set of eight. If a person decides to purchase the Party Pack, there is a discount in price, which could make this an ideal craft for a slumber party or as a pastime for children.

And you can follow along with Wuggle Pets via Twitter, Facebook, or see them on You Tube. This toy is meant for children ages 4 and up.

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    Hey I love wuggle pets they are fun to have at all times they are good for kids

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