Termite Treatment Cost and Effectiveness

Termite infestations are a big headache to any house owners. Getting rid of them can be costly and depending on the amount of damage these pests has created in your house. Pest control companies usually charge high in treating termites but some of their solutions does not work or only gives temporary solutions.

Termite treatment cost varies from one pest control companies to another. It depends on the chemical they are going to use, labor, equipment and warranty service. The treatment cost also depends on how big the area is being treated. Some companies charge by the yard, per meter or per linear foot. Compare prices with other pest control companies to determine which give the best value for your money.

Pre-construction termite treatment cost is for house or building foundations where walls and floors are built around them. Charges are also dependent on the labor and chemicals to be used and the area being treated.

Estimates are usually done first to determine the treatment cost. They are usually written and homeowners can be sure that they are dealing with professional pest control companies if they are given written estimates instead of verbal estimates only. You will notice that each pest control company has different treatment cost and again this is because of the chemicals and labor involved. The type of service they provide also makes a difference. A natural method cost more and takes longer to be applied. Natural method also involves baiting system where cups with chemicals are put on infested areas to attract these termites. Process is longer and removal of termites takes more time. Chemical methods are much cheaper but are not advisable to use especially if you own a garden in your house. Plants and even pets may die because of these chemicals.

Extreme damages usually equate to higher cost of treatment. Badly damaged walls or foundations must already be replaced and termite control chemicals are applied to these replacements to avoid future infestations. Some people would rather buy termite treatment chemicals and apply it themselves without doing proper rehabilitation first. Inspection of the whole house plus the garden is an important step. This way you will know the extent of the damage. Termites might also be infesting or living on trees or plants in your gardens. Better ask a professional pest control company to do this for you because they have the experience and they can effectively do the job of treating termites.

Some termite treatment cost does not depend on the area alone but how big the infestation is and how big your house is. Experienced pest control companies has expensive treatment cost but you are sure that you are getting professional and effective service. If termite extermination is done by non-professional and un-experienced pest control companies, your termite problem may not be completely eradicated and you may end up spending more money. Hire a pest control company with reasonable treatment cost but gets the job done properly and offers warranty service for future problems or recurrence.


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