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Table Mate

It isn’t often practical to sit at a table, as you might¬† just want to perform some work on your laptop in a comfortable chair, or perhaps share a meal in front of the television without moving the kitchen table into the living room. This is where Table Mate comes in. Table Mate is a small, generally plastic, table for one person that is able to be moved to any location in the house. The table slides in front of a couch or other chair, giving you an immediate table, no matter where you are. However, there are different versions of the Table Mate, so before you go out and purchase such an object, it is important to find exactly what you are looking for.

There are five different Table Mates available to you. Most of these options are roughly the same size, although there is a Table Mate 4 Kids design that is built for smaller children to use at smaller desks and tables. There is also another option, known as the Table Mate V, which is made to fit around wheelchairs and lifts, so anyone is able to use the table.

All of the Table Mates have a polypropylene top and a painted steel base, in order to ensure for maximum durability. There are also six different height adjustments available to you, so it is possible to directly move the table to fit the seat you are currently in. Each option of the five also has an angle adjustment, so you can better use the objects in front of you. There is a horizontal adjustment option, with two down angles and one up angle, giving you a total of four (including the basic flat option) for setting the table.

For easy storage, all of the Table Mates are able to fold up on themselves, and then slide into any location. These tables can slide under a couch or be placed into a closet, so you don’t have a full sized, portable table sitting in the middle of the floor at all times.

Outside of the child’s table, which is able to hold up to 40 pounds of weight, the other four options are able to hold up to 50 pounds of weight.

If you are looking to purchase the Table Mates, there are different price options available for you. The Table Mate II in white is the cheapest option at $30, while the Table Mate Classic in white costs $35.¬† The table mates range all the way up to $60 a piece, as the Table Mate V in dark walnut costs this much. With the wide listing of prices, it is possible to find the perfect table that is going to fit your needs. This helps you always have the very best table on hand, when you want to work out in the living room in front of the television, or if you don’t want to eat in one of the uncomfortable chairs sitting around the kitchen table.

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