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Stomach virus commonly known as stomach flu is responsible for a whole viral episode of gastroenteritis. Usually, it starts with stomach pain, headache, nausea, abdominal or stomach cramps, and sometimes fever. Good thing stomach virus treatment and home remedies are readily available.

Stomach flu or gastroenteritis is the inflammation or swelling of the gastrointestinal track of the intestines and stomach. Most of the time as soon as the stomach flu kicks in, diarrhea and vomiting follows. Dehydration and loss of important vitamins and minerals in the body is apparent. Stomach virus is not to be confused with Influenza flu.

If you are suffering from stomach flu, it is advised to eat mild food and clear soup or chicken broth. Avoid acidic beverages, acidic juices, dairy products, deep fried snacks, and caffeinated beverages like coffee and soft drinks. Drinking alcohol like beer and wine should be avoided as well. Drink liquid rich in electrolytes to help you rehydrate.

Another stomach virus treatment is to rest your body as much as you can. Episodes of vomiting and diarrhea can be very strenuous. Avoid other strenuous activities. Ask someone in your family to buy anti-diarrhea medicines and anti-vomiting medicines when your symptoms are getting worse. However, make sure to consult with your doctor first before buying those medicines. If your condition does not get any better after taking medicines for few days, ask your doctor to run a test on your stool. Sometimes these parasites will make home and nest in your intestines and stomach lining. It is important to know if they are present through the test your doctor will conduct.

Some people may have more serious symptoms requiring to be treated by a physician. Some patient will have a specific disease that will need a specific stomach virus treatment. A precise diagnosis is necessary to avoid contraindication when antibiotic or medicine is administered.

Stomach virus can be transmitted easily. Children get infected in schools and playgrounds. Adults get infected just about everywhere, in the office, in the train, in hospitals, and malls. Adults and children can be infected any day, anywhere. Our bodily fluid can spread this virus easily. So avoid kissing the person with stomach flu or avoid being in contact with the person with stomach flu. Always remember to wash your hands before and after meal, when preparing the meal, after visiting the bathroom, or changing your baby’s diaper. It is very important that your hands are clean when handling your food. Clean your surroundings. Vegetables growing in dirty water can be contaminated. Avoid food cross contamination. Make sure your meat and vegetables are segregated and stored properly. Insects carry diseases that can cause stomach flu so keep all your food stored so insect cannot contaminate them. Do not share your food or drink with the person with stomach flu. Do not share spoons or forks with the person with stomach flu. Practicing a good habit of cleaning your surroundings and personal hygiene is a good stomach virus treatment as well.


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  1. sam says:

    Is there any cure for viral infection?

  2. Steve says:

    My symptoms started yesterday at 4am. I could not keep anything down, and must have vomited 15 times in just a few hours. My fever got so bad that I was hallucinating and wound up passing out on the toilet. When I came to I had no idea how long I had been out. It’s been about 30 hours since my initial symptoms and I feel a very small improvement, but I have never been this sick in my life. I live in Orlando FL and I just found out that this virus has killed two middle aged women not far from where I live. I am really worried that my kids will get this horrible virus and their immune system will not be able to fight it off. It is a very horrifying experience.

    • Victoria Gates says:

      You may need to go to the hospital to be re-hydrated if you get that bad. It’s no fun but an IV drip can make you feel amazingly better. Probably those women died in part from dehydration coupled with other medical issues like blood pressure fluctuation from vomiting. If your kids do get sick be prepared to rehydrate them if they get so bad they cant keep fluids down, but I hope they don’t!

  3. Laccey says:

    I live in BC Canada and I’ve been getting a few of these symptoms but others the exact symptoms. I just have the nausea, gurgling sounding stomach, upper abdominal pain, pain when eating or drinking. Currently feeling like forcing myself to get sick because i feel sick…. but im not actually vomiting.. yet :/.. usually i don’t vomit. these virus’s only affect my stomach and lower have which is strange too..

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you are nausous and throwing up for a month you DO NOT have a stomach bug. Check out your gall bladder, kidney, maybe even your stomach is inflamed or youre pregnant. The stomach bug is mostly only 24-48hrs although i have heard of symptoms lasting up to a week but it is usually never more than a couple of days.

    It sucks. I’d rather have pneumonia instead of a stomach bug. I work with children. I was babysitting yesterday and when i got there the mother says to me how her daughter had the stomach virus the day before. She didnt inform me of it until i was there so there was not much i could but be exposed. I now feel like a sitting duck just waiting for this sh*t to hit. It takes 1-3 days for symptoms to show once youve been infected and i am freaking out. Note to parents your kids are contagious up to a week after symptoms stop and your house if not cleaned properly can house the stomach bug for up to two weeks on surfaces. So clean well or dont have company because im ready to have panic attacks over this.

    I washed my hands and lysoled my phone and keys after i left the house. I was there for 2 1/2 hrs and washed my hands once every twenty minutes or so. I used the bathroom but i used the bathrom in their bedroom hoping that the little girl wasnt in that one. I also lysoled my hands.

    Another note for help: hand sanitizer DOES NOT kill the stomach bug. Lysol, bleach, and i have read that wet ones will kill the bug. Hand sanitizer only kills bacteria not virus’.

    Does anyone think maybe i got away with not being infected? I know its a long shot because i was in their house and all. I even took off my clothes right when i got home andwashed them. Ugh i hope im ok.

  5. Samara says:

    I just am now getting over the worst stomach virus I have ever had. We have had a mild Winter in South Jersey & I would welcome a wicked cold front to come in & kill germs. It first started last Monday eve….it’s now 10 days later. Depressing isn’t it! Monday eve I had severe back & stomach pain. It woke me up. Tuesday was a wash & Wed I felt good enough to work. Thursday back in bed & then Friday afternoon? Well, Friday afternoon it hit me & wouldn’t stop. It was so bad my family wanted to take me to the ER for fear it was a peptic ulcer. On the floor in pain, nausea that would not quit! Throwing up & then head pain from throwing up so much & so hard. Gurgle stomach pains, like you are having the worst hunger pains ever, nothing tastes good, everything makes you sick, pain in the center of chest that goes directly towards back. No relief. If I wasn’t in pain I was fighting throwing up, no sleep. NONE. But then again the virus chose a week to hit when the town decided to finally rip up & repair our road. I never swear & I used so much bad language my kitty was covering her ears. I’m still weak, lost what little weight I had & no matter how much I wanna eat, two bites, done. Headed back to bed now. So lame & frustrating.

    • russ says:

      I know wut u mean samara.I’m havin the same systoms now minus the back pain since Saturday stomach will gurgle like I was hungry but if I ate I would throw up,I had alittle sumthin today at 7:30pm and its 1:30am and my stomach is gurgleing as I type this,I’m afraid 2 fall asleep that I’m gonna throw up,ill have a moment when I get the chills then my heart would beat hard,but then ill b sweating like I got a fever and lose color on my face then vomit..I’m goin on my 5th day being like this I hope I don’t have it for another 5 like u,I hate feelin like this I just want it 2 pass,u live in south jersey?I live in ocean county,as for the winter can’t complain compare 2 last year lol hope u get better and get back 2 ur regular routine..

  6. Andrea says:

    Oh man it has arrived. First with my 13 month old and then with me. My 13 month still does not have solid bowel movements. I will call his pediatrician tomorrow if his bowel movement has not improved in the morning. I started with chills and aching body Saturday night. The diarrhea began Sunday morning. It was non stop runs to the restroom. I did not eat anything on Sunday but drank water. Monday arrived and I felt better so my mom made me some chicken soup for lunch. Had some and felt good, I had a little more for dinner time. Thought things were going well until 11:30 at night. The diarrhea has begun again. Two hours have passed and I’m still running to the restroom. Now I need to figure out what I should eat and drink tomorrow so the same thing does not happen. What medications should I take? This is horrible. I need to get better fast. I’m suppose to run a half marathon on Sunday.

  7. Lauren says:

    I’ve previously been in hospital in the passed 5 months twice because of stomach pains and constant sickness I had viral gastritis the first time round then and infection the second but now the pain has come back can anyone help please?

  8. SKB says:

    I have been battle a dry cough for a couple of weeks, it was slowly decreasing! So this pass weekend was not great because I started w/cramps, lower back and a slight headache and then the next morning I still the same way. I started feel gross again and the trigger was the smell of the swiffer cleaner because my mom had finished cleaning. An 30mins after I was throwing up, usually I ahve a drink of water right after normally helps. So I waited for a bit and tried soft food. That didn’t stay down. I was throwing up the whole day and experiencing more stomach cramps, eye’s felt heavy like I want to sleep, then a tense headache came on and then my eyes were bothering me from the glare of the sun coming in through the window, my throat was evening worse it was burning, swollen, hard to swallow food, and hurt like hell when I yawn considering I was throwing up 6 times. The pain from the headache was starting to make my neck sore and my eye’s started to feel funny, it was like you got of a roller coaster and then standing with head rush with some cloudy vision. Its a little hard to explain but thats what it felt like. I tried to have soup but only had a couple bites and I then 10 mins later I was throwing up again. The only that has been help is drinking lots of water considering my throat was on fire. It feels like you have rubbed the muscle cream with menthyl and cooling down in your mouth but burn of burn sensation. The only thing that go me through the night was tons of water, gold fish crackers and apple sauce. So then the next day was not bad aside from a slight headache, my sore throat and the funny vision. I finally went to the Walk-In Doctors Clinic today and was told I had the stomach virus and plus he is checking if I have strep-throatt on to of it. I was experience more pain in my throat. So basically all he said was the only to get rid of it is to run its course and take some type of cough syrup that has DM and to take Tylnol. He gave me a doctors note just in case I need it if I was better by friday because I am on a sub-list with a daycare so I can get my ECE diploma program online, I don’t wanna pass this along to the infants and toddlers. Its bad enough that my fav buddie went home with a high fever of 101. But the thing that has been a huge saver is drinking cold water. I don’t know how many times I refilled too many time to remember and if I don’t my throat start to burn really bad as well as soft foods. Its slowly on its way out! Good luck and feel better to everyone who has the Stomach Virus.

  9. Jay says:

    So I may have what may be the beginnings of the stomach virus although I’m not sure. A couple hours after lunch, my stomach started gas/gurgle kinda thing. I thought oh, sh**, diarrhea, but then it’d subside. Such has been the case the rest of the day and night. I just returned from the store with some peppermint tea and Tums and I’m hoping that’ll solve the problem. I’m out of town for business. I’ve have stomach flu once as a kid and it was horrible. Then as now I was out of town. I’ve no appetite either.

  10. lewdite says:

    I’m on day 6 and it fimally feels like I’ve taken a turn towards the better. The biggest symptom was the bloated gassy deeling in my gut with that horrible gurgling and uncomfortable stomach pressure leading to nausea. everything was worse in the morning, didn’t eat anything for three days so I went to the doctor (because the internet is a very scary place to get medical info from… Hypochondriac’s nightmare…) And was told it was most likely stomach virus., it really hangs on for a week. The things that helped me were herbal tea with a,little lemon (the acid can restore your stomach if you, like me, are drinking water but and flat not eating) and flat gingerale. Sometimes the carbination and sugar can be too much but its important to keep some carbs in you. If you can manage a plain baked potato, it dissolves in your mouth and is an excellent bland source of energy. You have to force nutrtion to feel better! Otherwise its miserable and you just have to wait it out. 5 to 10 days to freedom! do what you can to be comfy and ride it out (where’s mom when you need her?)

  11. CMRVA says:

    I have all the symptoms except the diarrhea and vomiting. My stomach hurts everytime I eat something. Def noticed more pain after coffee and soda. The coca cola to settle a stomach is an old wive’s tale if you ask any doctor, same for that vinegar tip. I think those home remedies may work for people just because they believe they will work.

  12. Anto says:

    I got stomach virus last Thursday night (3/8). Started vomiting around 8 pm and continued on until 12 am. It was very unpleasant feeling for sure. I was so dehydrated that I had to go to Emergency room. They gave me an IV as soon as I got there. Released from the hospital around 5 in the morning. Since then, I have to drink lots of Gatorade and fruits to replenish vitamins and minerals in my body and I can only eat rice porridge with spinach. I think when you’re sick, a bland rice porridge with spinach can taste really good.

  13. ryan says:

    Going on week 3 of cramps and bloating and diarrhea, bananas work, but I don’t know what worse, being constipated or having to go to the bathroom all day. I’m on vacation in Sunny fort Myers, and I’m not even enjoying a meal at all. Going to try the vinegar suggestion and pray the next week of my vacation gets better! I’ll keep y’all posted! But i to feel like I’m being kicked in the gut one day and fine the next. Watch what you eat… no acidic food, or dairy!!! Bananas and white rice work, as well as regular coca cola to settle and angry belly, just get rid of the carbonation

  14. Kevin says:

    Ive had this stomach virus for 4 days now. 1 day of throwing up and I only pooped once ( Thats because I knew I was gonna poop my pants so i hold it in because I know it tried to come fast). Even though i stopped vomitting after 1 day my stomach still hurted and that prevented me from working out. I say let it heal before working out or anything because I surely didn’t want to hurt my stomach more. And if your going to drink water I advice you to drink it slow because i was so thirsty I gulped down 1/3 of a bottle and immdeatliy threw up after that. Thank you

  15. Allen says:

    Have had mild to strong nausea on and off for close to a month now. I have a historically strong stomach and so this has been very strange for me. Felt I was mostly better but got hit by a strong wave this past Sunday night. Gagged but didn’t throw up – instead had a bunch of diarrhea. Took a couple days to bear eating again. Was eating more on Wednesday and Thursday with the strange phenomenon of feeling more nauseous the more hungry I got. Eating, for Wednesday and Thursday, made my nausea go away. Was feeling better – but then got another strong wave of nausea friday night. I stayed up 3 hours, just sitting, unable to sleep from the nausea. Woke up this morning still feeling nauseous and not wanting to eat anything. Kept down some saltines. Very tired of being sick – I’m very healthy and almost never get stomach bugs. Have resolved to go to the doctor on Monday if not better by then.

  16. angie says:

    Can you get a fever with this virus?

  17. Sandy says:

    Today is day 3 for me & I am at least starting to feel like I’m on my way back to the living. This stomach flu was horrible & I think I may have gotten it from someone at work. I actually woke with symptoms of nauseau, pain in my stomach & frequent trips to the restroom. I decided to still go to work because I have a very demanding job, but as the day progressed, I only got worse. I couldn’t even stand the thought or smell of food. The morning sum,proms got worse & I couldn’t even handle the slightest sip of water in my mouth without feeling like I was going to throw up. I decided to leave work 2 hours early because I just couldn’t sit there & wasn’t able to focus. I should have just stayed home. By the time I got home, I felt like I was going to die & just cured up under 3 blankets & passed out. Woke up in an hr with the same symptoms but this time I had such severe chills, my body felt like I was in a freezer & ached so bad. No a,punt of heat helped. Eventually got a fever. Last night was the first time I could eat a little & I can finally hold my water down. I debated going to work today but know I need extra rest. For all of you going through this, pay attention to your body & rest! We get so wrapped up in our day to day activities we don’t focus on what is best for us. This will pass but if it lasts more than 2 days or you have a reoccurrence, you should see a doctor. Hang in there!

  18. Christopher says:

    I got gastric upset two weeks ago and thought nothing of it. It left me with me a dull stomach pain which did not go completely away. I had to postpone my holiday. Then after a week, suddenly stomach pain and vomiting went 1000x times worse so I had to go to hospital. I had to cancel my holiday again! After almost every test and two night stay in hospital they could not find any thing and think it was stomach flu! Now, am confused what to do, although I feel much better, whether to postpone my holiday for a 3rd time at big expense. How long will this thing last and will it reoccur!!?

  19. Mamak says:

    I am 6 months pregnant and have been throwing up for the first day, then VERY BAD DIAREEAH
    so I have terrible cramps… What to to??? Now my 10 year old is sick in bed too!

  20. rose in hawai says:

    3/1/12 got the runs till 3/5/12 now my stomach is killing me n bloated..

  21. Paula Huber says:

    I have had this virus so frequently, at least once a month. I am in a very active community and socialize a lot. I guess I keep on being exposed to it and come down with a low grade fever,awful headache, horrible cramping and gurgling in the stomach, but also weakness and extreme fatigue. I don’t vomit but am very nauseous. My tongue is white. I am starving but afraid to eat. Sleeping is the only relief. My right side by the oblique muscles is so sore. It is ridiculous. What can I do to stop this vicious cycle? I use hand sanitizer when I am unable to wash my hands. I wash my hands as frequently as possible. I live in Florida. Is anyone else in Fl having the same symptoms?

    • Carolyn says:

      Hey Paula,

      I live in Lake County, FL.. north of Orlando.. I have had all the same symptoms since early February, except a fever, and
      vomitting. I wanted to vomit some days, but it didn’t happen. I am slightly hungry and want to eat,.. sometimes that feels better. But, mostly I have diarrhea early morning, gurgling in the stomach and by early afternoon, have extreme tiredness.
      Yes, sleeping is the only way I felt better. I didnt notice my tongue being too white, actually, it was dark due to the Pepto
      Bismal I was taking. I know we shouldnt take it for an extended period, but, I had to work and get some relief.
      My head doesnt really hurt, but, the weakness and eyes buring is usually there. One day I am fine.. the next I am so
      tired and feel like someone kicked me in the stomach.. Where do you live? What is causing this?
      My husband has no symptoms at all… Only good news for me is some weght loss!!!

  22. vanya says:

    1 Table Spoon Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz water, stir and drink it up! It will kill viruses or bad bacteria, in about 10 minutes you will feel much better, if you still feel not so good, repeat it in an hour or so, although I have never had to repeat in my stomach flu cases, it always works like a charm! God bless you all and feel better soon!

  23. courtney says:

    I left school on thursday and was feeling really sick. my sthomach was hurting and i felt like i had to puke.
    I came home and went to sleep. I slept a lot for the first two days and only ate a few crackers. I never puked and
    now im on my third day and i have runny diahreeha, but i think i’m starting to feel better. How many days do you think
    i have left..? oh yeah and my fever was 99.

  24. Mari says:

    If you want to fight this, clean. Clean and clean and clean some more, particularly areas like your bathrooms, door knobs, and kitchen. Restrict those that are sick to one bathroom. Use the other for those who are healthy. And whenever possible quarantine the sick. Avoid sharing bodily fluids through kissing, sharing food, etc. Do not have healthy and sick share a bed etc. It’ll probably spread more easily. And if you want to try to avoid it next time, keep up with what is going around your school or town.
    Where I live it seems like people get this every year and it goes in spells. The best way to avoid it is to maintain cleanliness. I think our weak link is kindergarten.
    I know to some it may sound antiquated but as far as this virus is concerned the Progressives had it right, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

  25. Melanie says:

    I woke up this oning at four feeling neausous . I have only thown up oce but hd massive diahrea a few times. Now all i have is pressure on my chest . Is it normal to have that when you are neasous and would gravol help with the neasou. Btw sorry for the miss spelled words English is my second languge.

  26. Nick says:

    It got me good. I’m recouping. My kids started on Monday evening. My son (age 7) complained of stomach pain and he had a slight fever (100.5). Took him to the pediatrician; no signs of any infection. The doc told him to rest and eat some chicken soup… I brought him home and he still felt ill. He puked before he went to bed. But he was able to sleep ok. His sister (age 5) did not show any signs of being sick until 3 AM. The puking was ongoing every 20 minutes. Poor little pink thing – she puked out dinner, lunch and breakfast. She finally fell asleep by 6 AM.
    I started feeling ill yesterday – around noon. First there were cramps, pain, nausea and even physical weakness; felt like my legs were giving up on me. I went home to rest, but it did not help. I took a couple of aspirins and I felt better. When I got up to walk around and get some water to drink, the nausea kicked in and I puked. Felt a little better.
    I took some Immodium (2 pills) and it’s helping to resolve the diarrhea problem. This stuff always worked for me. I still have some minor pains, but it’s on the way out.

    The whole family got dragged through it. My wife is still fighting it. Grandpa is struggling to stay healthy. Granma is also recouping. She had it first – before the kids got sick.

  27. Caitlin says:

    take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar it will kill the virus and drink alot of water…. its going around really fast here

  28. Carol says:

    My husband and I started out with a cold a week ago. If I hadn’t got the flu shot, I would’ve swore that is what I had. All I wanted to do was sleep for I had no energy whatsoever! Started “feeling” somewhat better beside the fact of a horrible hacking cough toward the end of the week. Husband then came down with a stomach virus on Friday night. He felt like he was going to through up but kept suppressing it. Up all night with the poops. On Sunday night, he couldn’t sleep for horrible gas pain, kept running to the bathroom just in case! I came down with the stomach virus on Sunday night. Threw up really bad. Thank God I hadn’t had much to eat that day, including no supper because of the blah feeling. Severe stomach cramping all night, with a little poops in the morning. Ate nothing all day, feverish, really bad headache and slept biggest part of a otherwise beautiful day away. Munched on ice chips off and on. Tasted so good. Added a little sprite later in the day, about 1/2 cup. Jello 24 hours after I first threw up with a couple of soda crackers. So far so good.

  29. Rosy says:

    My daughter had the virus on wednesday night, than my hunband on friday night, with all the symptoms mentioned (diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, etc) last night it was me, I started with really bad stomach pains, unbearable to say the least. My body hurts so much, every part of it. My back, my legs, even my bones. I have felt nauseaous but no vomiting and no diarrhea. Is 4pm and i haven’t had anything to eat or drink because I’m afraid of the pain. My stomach keeps on making noises all day long, my only relief is sleeping. Can someone please tell me if I should go to the doctors instead of waiting for more symptoms to appear????
    Thank you!

  30. Nick says:

    Mine started a week ago…liquid Pooh, nausea, and fatigue. After day 3 the symptoms subsided and I went about my life, happy I was past it. But then it returned with a vengeance and after 2 days of continuous raging fevers that wouldn’t break with tylenol, extreme vomiting, and eventual dehydration, I relented and stumbled into the ER sporting a 102.9 burnup and a haggardly look, much like that of a homeless person. After xrays, examination and an IV drip, I was told it was a bacterial infection in my stomach, and given a prescription for Antoniobiotics. A most horrific experience. If you experience extreme symptoms that persist, my recommendation would be to go to the doctor. It is my understanding that if it is an infection and it is not treated properly, it does have the potential to develop into something worse.Good luck to everyone and anyone who is unlucky enough to stumble upon this GEM of a sickness

  31. Louis says:

    I really don’t understand, , I am coming from another country and this always happens here , back in my country , nothing , if you had a cold or a stomach virus , we never spread the virus or the germs to all the city , like here happens. Authorities here should think , it is because of the AC/Furnace units or is it too much sanitizer ??? Or I don’t know what else to say …. here everything looks clean , and septic but I start thinking different !!!

  32. Leah says:

    I’m on day one, but I also have IBS. Anything that could help so my IBS doesn’t act up while his flu runs its course?

  33. Phylis says:

    Man oh man have i suffered with this virus… it was bad at some points i thought i was dying. Day 3 here i wouldn’t wish this on my enemy

  34. Stephanie says:

    I came down with gastro. Jan 30. After taking my mom to hospital with same symptoms.Vomiting for 24 hrs. Diarrhea for 2 weeks. I am a pretty healthy person and I’ve not been sick for 10 years or more that I can remember. I still am dizzy and starving. I keep eating and eating and I’m sooo hungry. I have been pooping lots but in small amounts that are brown with pink in it. I’m wondering if thy is blood? I had been to er 6 times!!! And they kept telling me I will get better. I am thinking that some kind of damage has been done to my intestines? I am so weak. Have lost 17 lbs in total an I’m already skinny. My aunt told me to start taking Bio K (fermented milk that restores the natural flora in the gut) and Moluskan (restores ph in colon) and flat coke. So I have been doing this and eating rice, oatmeal, soup, broth, water with lemon, yogurt to no avail!!!!! The diarrhea has stopped it was yellow and mucus and smelled so bad. But it is not solid yet and I am beside myself with this not to mention I’m pretty sure I lost my job over this too!! Help!!!!

  35. Eva says:

    I am on day 4! URG!! I started with what seemed like a terrible cold and then it went south!! My one thing that concerns me is the tar like stool!! isnt black stool supposed to be dangerous???

  36. Belle says:

    I’m thinking I’m on day 6 or 7 of this. Thank God I can eat and I’m not throwing up. I had a different stomach virus after going to a New Years party where some little kids were sick. Five of us had it….that episode was throwing up and the poo…. but NOW, I have my second stomach virus of 2012.

    Someone mentioned the paranoia. I know what that’s like. I keep convincing myself that I have a blockage, or a parasite from eating undercooked meat or something like that. I almost went to the Dr. today but decided against it because I don’t have insurance and I could imagine them telling me to just deal with it.

    How many days can this last? My BF has had stomach cramping but none of the other symptoms. I have headaches, dizzyness, the constant loose stool, the incredible stomach cramping. It takes my breath away when it happens. It’s been waking me up. I have a little fresh blood in the stool, but I spoke with a nurse today who told me that this is a big stomach virus in the North East right now and that a little blood is normal after so many days of loose poo.


  37. Shontabee says:

    So I am reading this during a down period (everything is staying down) I woke up at 5 this a.m. with terrible diarrhea and it has progressively gotten worse. Every time I vomit loose stool comes, I stayed in the bathroom for almost 2 hours after not making it to vomit and as a result also #2’d on myself :/….. I feel terrible. I can’t even keep down water and I have #2d so much that it s a almost clear now o_O. What to do!

  38. Lori says:

    Ugh! I started vomiting Monday, and I didn’t stop until Wednesday. I couldn’t even keep water down. Now I’m having bad cramps in my legs.

  39. Carol says:

    Wow… my 3rd episode in last 4-6 weeks but this one is lingering. Throwing up and diarrhea lasted only Monday and that night, but still have headaches, very nauseous, cramping, gurgling and soreness in stomach, and weak legs. Was going to go to minor med but it sounds like hydration and rest is the key… kept chicken soup and crackers down last night but coffee this am made me very nausiated… still feeling like I could throw up any minute…

  40. brian says:

    my girlfgriend has been up for four hours vomiting no diariahh.what should she do to stop it.everyone at her job had these simptons.

  41. Mariposa says:

    can I add : plain yogurt not the yougurt with fruits.

  42. Mariposa says:

    Mine started on sunday night, so worried because wih the bad stomach cramps, chills, nausea, I have pinkish mucousy stuff coming out everytime I go. I went to the doctor and he said it was a stomach flu, I just need to rest, keep hydrated, take 2 grams of Vit. C. Its been almost 48 hours since. I had a fever last night, chills wont go away, still having accident 4x today with no warning just needed to go… lots of gas, boiling sound in my stomach, sour tummy, and the cramps are just so bad that I stopped breathing. I just have to remember that it will go away on is own, I am hoping right now!!!. The following has helped with me: Just introducing bland diet this time.. banana, plain white steamed rice, apple sauce, toast, tea ( green- decaf ), yogurt. They said yogurt is best taken on the 3rd day of the illness so that the intestines will be coated with good bacteria. Avoid sugary foods, cola, caffeine, milk, oily, fried foods. Even when drinking water, just drink small amount every few minutes or every 30 minutes or so, if the stomach does not feel heavy or bloated, and you dont feel nauseated, then you are ready for some more. If you drink 500 ml at a time, the stomach may not be ready to absorb the big volume. We are just few of the people who suffer from the same condition. Keep in mind to keep hydrated, rest, try not to be so paranoid ( Im bad at this ), protect our family members by handwashing, avoiding contact, avoid sharing your personal space and stuff, eat bland diet. See your doctor if symptoms persist after 2 -3 days. I wish us well and thanks for sharing 🙂

  43. gregw98 says:

    My started yesterday, no throwing up and no real loose stools. Mine, at this point has been lower abdomen cramps and bloating and a little nauseous . The cramps are somewhat intense and have not gone away or eased up. I keep having the sensation that I need to go to the bathroom, but generally it is just a very little gas and very little stool. But it does seem to relieve the ‘needing to go’ feeling. I have been a bit paranoid waiting for the symptoms you all have described to come forward. I live alone and am retired, have very little day to day contact with other people, so I guess I got it from being downwind from someone who had it. Patiently waiting for things to get better —— or worse.

  44. asya says:

    Chills headache backache period but. Whenever I eat stoamache hurts for hours this has been happening for some days?

  45. Andrew says:

    What the Hell is going on. I’m reading all these comments and I’m having the same exact symptoms. I have had this bug on & off for about 3 weeks now. I vomited last night 4 times. I haven’t threw up in like 8 years. I’m really worried diarrhea chills headaches body pain this is crazy. Should I go see my doctor or just man up & keep drinking gatoraid & eating toast?

  46. MamaMolly says:

    I have 3 girls (16mo, 5yr, 7yr). 2 Thursdays ago, my 16mo old did not eat much of her breakfast. I took her off her high chair and immediately she began to throw up repeatedly. After throwing up off and on during the day her only relief was when she fell asleep that afternoon. I watched her through the night, the next morning diarrhea started and has been going on up until today. Last Tuesday my 7 year old came down with the same thing. She threw up 3 times and then just did not want to eat the rest of the day. She bounced back much faster no diarrhea for her although her stomach felt queasy for four days. Sunday night, 5yr old came down with it, she started complaining about stomach ache, she woke up from her bed in the middle of the night, came to my bed and what did she do threw up all over my sheets and I just changed them before i got in bed. So she finally went to school today but the baby is still having loose bowels at least once or twice a day. Oh I forgot to mention that I also have had this bug but mine has just been serious nausea and loose bowels (not diarrhea) tons of gas I feel like my stomach is sour. But this has been going on since the baby got sick so going on 2 weeks now. I dont know if I should take all of us to the doctors for a a complete check up. At this point I am ready to start feeling better. I dont want to go and have them tell me to ride it out, but I dont want something more serous to be going on and I didnt protect my kids.

  47. gloria says:

    I had all the symptoms of the flu fri-sun. high fevers, chills, sweats, achey. Today is Monday & the fever is gone. But I have stomach cramps and anything I eat or drink comes right back out in a bowel movement. whats wrong & wahsts the fix.

  48. John says:

    Got this bug in vegas…diarrhea literally every 15 min so bad it was like I was peeing water out of my butt. Immodium helps, but I took the first 4 pills every 30 min with each additional pill every 3-4 hours. It started with nausia(but I didnt throw up) then chills, and body aches for a day with fever. Once that subsided I just have the worst diarrhea ever with a ridiculous ammount of gas. I tried to stop the Immodium yesterday, and the diarrhea returned with a vengance last night. I am guessing it is viral, but the gas makes me wonder. I may take some Cipro that I have at home if it doesn’t go away soon. This diarrhea and gas is seriously the most ridiculous thing. I’m just glad I don’t have the vomiting others have had. Anyone know how long this diarrhea can last?

  49. Shaniqua Price says:

    i currently am feeling this way , i think ive had it for days not but im not sure .
    im in class , feeling horrible & my teacher wont let me go to the nurse .
    if i get any sicker i hope someone reads this & report to the cops who killed me .
    i cant survive , im feeling deathly .

  50. garret says:

    I just have picked up this virus I have got the worst cramps ever I cannot vomit have had a hernia op so suffering worst ever

  51. michelle says:

    And no… I got this same stomach virus about 2 years back, I remember it being worse though. I also got the flu shot and obviously it did nothing. I don’t believe in the flu shot. Everytime I get it, I still get really sick…. so what’s the point????

    • Anne says:

      I hope you are feeling better, Michelle.
      The flu shot only protects you from the flu. A stomach virus may be a different virus, and therefor the flue vaccine would not protect you from that.

  52. michelle says:

    My 6 month old baby was vomiting for a 24 hour period, but she was acting completely fine. I thought maybe she might have ate something bad. Then 2 days later I woke up with stomach cramping. I didn’t think much of it, and I drve to work. As soon as I got to work the stomach cramping became severely painful, It was almost unbarable. Throughout the day I ran to the bathroom 4 or 5 times with diarehia. Then later that night I layed in bed with the pain worsening. I started experiencing a fever and chills. My boyfriend bought me some chewable pepto bismo tablets. But the pain persisted. About 11 0clock at night I ran to the bathroom thinking I was gonna have diarehia but feeling nautious at the same time, I vomited about 5 times and I instantly felt better.if you get this nasty bug, don’t hold back from vomiting, I’ve always been paranoid to throw up. But holding it back only caused severe stomach cramping. Be sure to stay hydrated with drinks high in electrolites such as childrens pedialite or gatorade.

  53. Lil g says:

    What can u take for this stomach virus I was wounding if u got the flu shot u would not get it can u help please

    • Rhonda J says:

      The flu shot does not prevent this stonach virus. My husband and I both had the flu shot and he has suffered terribly for the past 3 days. Now I feel I am taking it and it will not be a good thing with me, if I do. As I am on methatrexate for Psoriatic arthritis and have not immune system.

  54. John says:

    Get ready for this one. I woke up Thursday morning and didn’t feel right. Took 3 drinks of my coffee (very unusual).
    Got to work and knew I needed to throw up which I hadn’t done in over 10 years. I resisted but finally relented and let it go into a trash can. Next came the diarrhea and it hasn’t stopped 3 days later. Stay hydrated and be prepared to make toilet runs day and night. Even drinking cold water puts my stomach in knots. Good luck if you catch this…

  55. hannah says:

    My mom was vomiting ,headaches and fatigue. The doctor said she has stomach virus and gave her antibiotics for 7 days but after the 5th day the symptom came back this time she didn’t vomit but she has fever , what should i do? Im guessing she got Peptic Ulcers

    • Anne says:

      I hope your mom is much better now. I am wondering why on earth the doctor would have prescribed antibiotics for a virus?? Antibiotics only treat bacterial infections and are useless against viruses.

  56. Thomas says:

    I’m on day 7 today. This is a violent flu bug. Had cramps, along with the loose stool and the fever the first day. still not eating much. Nasty Nasty bug! I’ve been told it holds on for up to 2 weeks. Nice.

  57. Canniecatouch says:

    Mines started off with black period. What does that mean? I don’t have diarrhea but I’m pretty sure you suppose to do “number 2” once in a while. And when I do it, my stool is black. Please help. Any treatments or anything that helps??

    • katie says:

      If your stool is black that means that some
      where in your colon or gi tract is bleeding. You should tell a Dr about black stool.

    • kerry says:

      That seems like you have blood in your stool. When stool is black that’s not good. You need to see your doctor for a rectal exam.

    • Allison says:

      Black stool is usually caused from bleeding in the upper GI tract (usually stomach). If it is bright red it is from lower GI tract. Either way you should check it out with your doctor. GI bleeds can be very serious and can lead to death if bad enough. Please see your doctor.

  58. Danielle says:

    This is the second time it’s happened to me this year.. And I’m always itchy with it… EVEERYWHERE!!! It sucks, you definitely do not want either stomach sickness…:((

  59. Leigh S says:

    I’ve been the exact same way since last Tuesday!
    Anything I eat or shall we say ” try” to eat upsets my stomach.
    It makes weird sounds all day long and I’m always feeling sick to my
    stomach. I’ve been trying a lot of natural things like
    Ginger tea and Ginger chews , rice and light soups with crackers. Nothing helps!
    I’m at day 7 and over it! If you have it please take care, it’s
    a nasty little bug and drink, drink!! I’m still catching up on my fluids!

  60. ashley says:

    i read some where that the stomach flu stayed in you body and lied dormant is this true?

  61. Jonn says:

    Have had this for a week now. Started with cramps, a day of vomiting, and 3 days of diarrhea until my system was completely empty. I could only drink liquids for 2 days, then could eat chicken. STAY HYDRATED! It sneaks up on you pretty quickly and if you get too far, it’s off to the hospital for an IV and who knows what else. I haven’t even slept for more than 7 hours straight yet, and was getting about 3 or 4 hours at a time before needing to drink more liquids. I tried going out to pick up some Chik Fil A at day 5 and had quite the scare that I was going to pass out or start vomiting, simply from the stress of driving and fatigue. So I am staying rested and taking it easy, which isn’t difficult because I don’t feel like doing anything anyway. Got this at the mall just before Christmas and thought for sure it was food poisoning because I had no other symptoms besides stomach upset and intestinal cramping. But after this has lasted this long and the drug stores and grocery stores in the area are emptied of Gatorade and Pedialyte due to it spreading, says the pharmacist at one drug store, it seems obvious that it’s this stomach virus. If you get it, do like I did and save your friends and family and quarantine yourself from kissing, touching, etc that may spread it to them. It’s a nasty little bug and they don’t want it either.

    • shelly says:

      I have had this same virus , I think, for a week now. Everytime I think Im feeling better it hits me again! How long did it take you to regain your strength?

  62. Simon says:

    For over 2 days, I been having watery stools,with stomach pains/cramps. Is this stomach flu? Any home remedy to recommend?

  63. ALIU KEHINDE says:

    For over a year now I have been feeling a kind of pains not really pains but a kind of sensation at the right side of my stomach. Each time I feel this I always have a fever and once I dont feel anything anymore the fever will go and at the same time burning of eye. What can be causing this?

    • janelle says:

      check you gallbladder at your doctors office.

    • Shawna says:

      Seriously pay attention to your gall bladder, kidney’s as well as your liver.. depending on what your diet entails, you possibly could have a stone in the kidney’s or gall bladder as well as an issue with the liver. A fever indicates an infection. If you have pain to the right side of your abdomen, you could be suffering from a greater risk by NOT seeking medical attention. If you are having pain in the actual stomach ( which sits to the left of you abdomen) you could have an ulcer. Please get a check up with an internal medicine doctor.

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