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JobStat is a new job statistics website thats free to use for everyone that has extensive stats on salary, demographics and more on various different careers. These stats are all based on numbers from the U.S. You can find stats on categories like salary, hourly wage, highest paying states, highest paying cities, historical salary numbers and even a comparison of males to females that work in that job.

JobStat offers career categories ranging from health, business to sports, construction and more.

For Employees

If you’re an employee or looking to be one there is lots of powerful information you can use at JobStat. You can compare job offers to average salary statistics for that job, including starting salaries for new people to that industry as well as salary averages for certain states.

For Employers

Make sure you are paying the right amount in with your job offers by comparing your numbers with ours.

Top 10 Lists

Check out the various top 10 lists like top paying states, cities, jobs, or the top 10 jobs with the highest employee satisfaction level and much more.

Job Statistics

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