Spot On Lung – Should You Be Worried?

A spot on lung occurrence is more prevalent than what a lot of people may think.  Usually, it is caused by a seemingly harmless lung scarring resulting from common respiratory lung infections.  Lung spots, however, can actually indicate more serious medical conditions like fungal infections or even cancer that require more immediate medical attention.  They should therefore never be taken for granted.

A spot on lung may be a visible mark that can be captured by an x-ray or CT scan of the lungs.  It can be caused by different things, some of which are not alarming.  In any case, the doctor will most likely monitor the spots just to be certain that they do not indicate a more severe condition.  If one or more of such spots are seen, try to remain calm as you wait for the results of further tests and while discussing all the possibilities with your physician.  After all, lung spots are not really rare.


Normally, spots on the lungs are lung nodules caused by inflammation, infection, or tumor.  One of the most common causes is granuloma, which is simply an inflammation that is severe enough to result to scarring.  Fungus, usually in the form of histoplasmosis or coccidioidomycosis, can also cause granulomas.  The other common cause of a lung spot is benign or malignant tumor.


Basically, three different methods in identifying a particular spot on lung can be used, the least invasive of which is to utilize a CT scan in monitoring the spot.  If changes occur over a given period of time, the possibility of a tumor is likely.  It may be a granuloma if no changes are observed.  If it grows, the taking of what is commonly referred to as a TNAB (transthoracic needle aspiration biopsy) may be required so that the development of cancer may be tested further.  The last method of identification involves a complete physical exam, the outcome of which will provide the physician with indicators for the proper diagnosis of various types of specific ailments.

Solution and Prevention

Although there are certain lung spot causes that cannot be avoided, refraining from smoking can significantly reduce the risk of developing them.  This is because smoking does a lot of damage to the lungs that can cause serious medical conditions like emphysema and other forms of cancer.  Another way to prevent spots from developing is the immediate treatment of respiratory diseases before they can even cause lung scarring.  And when working with dangerous substances like asbestos, make sure to observe proper precautionary measures to prevent inhalation of the substance.

A spot on lung must always be taken seriously, particularly if you worked with asbestos before, or if you were a smoker.  Once lung spots are revealed either through a chest x-ray or a CT scan, have them monitored by your physician.  Granulomas generally are not causes for alarm, and they are quite common.  However, if tumor is diagnosed in the lungs, immediate treatment must be initiated as lung cancer is among the most fatal types of cancer and one that can spread easily.

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