Slushy Magic Review – How Good Is It?

Slushy Magic

Usually a slushy is only a kind of drink that you can buy at a restaurant or fast food place. But now there is a new product, called Slushy Magic, that gives you the ability to make your own slushy drinks from the comfort of your own home.

Slushy Magic allows you to make slushy drinks by using the special, magic ice cubes and cups that you get when you purchase Slushy Magic. The way that it works is that you freeze the magic ice cubes. Once the ice cubes are frozen you put them into the magic shaker cup along with your favorite cold drink. From there, all you do is shake it up and your favorite drink will be turned into a slushy. It is an easy way to make slushy drinks from your own home with a minimum of work and no mess. It can take a bit of shaking to make the slushy drink so it is best if you have an adult do the actual shaking even if you are making the drink for a child. Once you have made your slushy drink, it is best to rise the magic ice cubes with warm water and place them back in the freezer when dry. This is so your magic ice cubes will be ready when you want to make another slushy drink.

You can order Slushy Magic direct from their website. You can currently get two sets from this website for $19.99 plus postage and handling. Each set includes one magic shaker cup, three magic ice cubes, one magic spoon straw and one fun drink guide. Since you get two sets for $19.99 you can either keep both sets or have one to give away.

When you are looking at purchasing Slushy Magic you can buy it for yourself. But it can also be a great gift especially for people with children. Most kids will have a lot of fun shaking up their own slushy drinks though it can take a lot of effort to get the cold drink into slushy form. If you want to involve your kids in the process, you should have them help by putting the magic ice cubes into the magic shaker cup. Depending on the age of the child, you could also have them put in the cold drink of their choice. But an adult should be the one who does the actual shaking otherwise it may take a longer time before the slushy drink is ready.

If you are looking for a way to make slushy drinks at home, the Slushy Magic system is an easy way to make slushy drinks without a lot of effort or mess. You just need to have frozen the special magic ice cubes before you start. You just add the magic ice cubes to the magic shaker cup along with your favorite cold drink. Then all you have to do is shake and it will turn your drink into a slushy.

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