Torn Rotator Cuff Symptoms, Definition, Causes and Treatments

The rotator cuff is a supporting structure of the muscles and tendons that attach the arm to the shoulder joint and it is responsible in allowing the arm to move. It is very important for the movement of the upper arm and it has the broadest range as to movement. Injury of the rotator cuff will cause limitations in movement, pain on the injured area and sometimes immobility.  Knowing the torn rotator cuff symptoms and causes is very significant because of the vital role it plays in the body.

The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles. Two of its parts are the anterior and posterior muscle, these muscle are consists of the subscapularis, infraspinatus and supraspinatus. The subscapularis,   which is the large triangular muscle allows the inward movement and function of the shoulders, it stabilizes both the anterior and posterior muscle. The infraspinatus is responsible for external or outward movement of the arm, it stabilizes the shoulder joint, and this part is very susceptible for injuries among other parts. The third part of the anterior and posterior muscle is the supraspinatus, a muscle that is a support structure of the rotator cuff and also responsible in stabilizing shoulder joint and its contraction results to the abduction of the arm at the shoulder joint. Next part of the rotator cuff is the bones of the joint that is consisted of three bones, the clavicle, scapula and humerus. The clavicle is also known as the collar bone supports the scapula allowing it to move freely, it also gives the arm maximum range of movements. The scapula or the shoulder blade is located at the shoulder girdle and connects the collar bone and the bones of the upper arm. Last is the humerus, this is the bones of the upper arm; it is a long bone that runs from the shoulders to the elbow.

Injuries related to the rotator cuff are brought about by excessive and repetitive movements that damage the muscles and tendons that is its composition. Movements that irritate the muscles can cause injuries due to continuous overhead arm movements.  Aside from the irregularities in movement that causes injury to the cuff rotator, accidents exposing the shoulders and arms are also the reasons. Accidents such as falling, accidentally twisting the arm, Another injury is straining the rotator cuff due to lifting heavy objects improperly, Injuries susceptibility of the rotator cuff is high when people aged, as you become older muscles and tendons starts to wear making it very weak and easily injured.  On all these injuries, torn rotator cuff symptoms are inherit and display vital signs that can be felt and seen by the person having any of these injuries.

Rotator cuff symptoms when it is injured includes limitations of shoulder movement due to pain and weakness, pain in the shoulders extend to the arms and is severe when moving your arms outward, spasm that limits the movement of the shoulders, formation of calcium deposits and arthritis as well as inflammation that can lead to liquid formation in the joint. When these symptoms are experienced, consulting a doctor is necessary to prevent further damage of the rotator cuff and to eliminate the possibility of permanent damage to the arms and shoulders.

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