Root Canal Cost Set To Soar?

Root Canal Cost

The root canal cost involves several appointments and will depend on insurance, the dentist and the additional treatments the patient may need. In general, there are two to four appointments involved in a root canal, each with its own treatment and cost. Some of the visits may be cost free or included with prior payments, as well.

The first appointment for a root canal is the procedure itself. The cost for this procedure is one of the most expensive steps in root canal treatment. Molars tend to cost more, at a price of about 1,000 dollars per root canal. Other teeth can be up to a few hundred dollars cheaper. The amount of time taken on the procedure will not affect the cost. However, the amount of time it takes can vary greatly from tooth to tooth. Molars with several roots can take an hour or more. During this appointment, the roots and pulp are removed and the openings temporarily filled.

In some cases, a tooth can receive a root canal and only require a filling afterward. However, it is recommended that root canal patients get a crown placed on the tooth because root canal teeth are more likely to break in the future. Some absolutely require a crown as well. Either way, before a filling or crown can be done, the patient has to come back to have the temporary filling removed from the treated tooth. When that is done, a permanent filling is placed in the treated area to prevent further damage to the roots. As you may suspect, the root canal cost will obviously be higher with a crown than without.

Patients who have opted for crowns will have a “build up” treatment done once the temporary filling is removed. This builds up the structure of the treated tooth and prepares it for a crown. This has an additional cost of a few hundred dollars, depending on the dentist. If the tooth does not require a build up, there is no additional cost. At this time, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth so the crown can be made. It could be several weeks before the crown comes in, so the dentist will make a temporary crown and adhere it to the treated tooth. At this time, the patient will pay for their crown, which is roughly 1,000 dollars or more.

Once the crown comes back from the lab, the patient will have to come in for the last appointment. During this appointment, the temporary crown will be removed and the new crown fitted in the mouth. This may take a while, as the dentist has to ensure that the new tooth fits properly. He or she may have to drill some of the new tooth to perfect the bite.

Root Canal Cost Conclusion

In total, a root canal cost with build up and crown can be as high as roughly 2,600 dollars, more or less. Temporary crown breaks and replacements should be free, in the event that a temporary crown breaks. If the crown does not fit on the first try, the dentist will have to send out for a new crown. There will be more appointments, but no more additional costs to the patient, if the dentist is reputable.

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