PS4 Release Date And Price

PS4 Release Date

The anticipation builds for the PS4 release date. Concern over its release is spreading over consumers. The expected release date is late 2012. Although no official date has been established, Sony tends to release the new console 6 years after each other. A sooner release is still possible. Many factors like current sales of the PS 3, current sales of other consoles on the market, and new console releases from competition might encourage a sooner release.

We know its coming, but what can we expect? Well, for starters, Sony’s quality, superiority, and expertise graphics can be expected with the PS4. This console will be sure to please. The following is a list of the many features that can be anticipated.

Sony took the time and consideration with this console. The console will be manufactured from more than 50% recyclable materials making it an eco-friendly item. Along with the eco-friendly material is the energy-saving attributes It will have the capability of allowing gamers to stop their games, return and continue the games, and never have to worry about shutting the entire gaming console off. The list of impeccable features does not end here. The console will shut itself off if there is no activity for 30 minutes; a terrific benefit for homes with children or the gamer who forgets to shut off the game. So when the PS4 release date is announced, make sure to get in early on the pre-orders if you want to get one on that date.

The console also comes equipped with a self-charge rechargeable battery. This is an energy saver, money saver, and it helps maintain the performance level and life of the console. With all of these eco-friendly features gamers may be worried about performance. Not need to worry because Sony will not disappoint in this department either.

Do not be fooled by the eco-friendly features. This console is still outfitted with the necessary requirement for everyone from the occasional gamer to the hardcore gamers. It has a 1.5 TB hard disk drive, an element that allows gamers to store many games at one time. Also, it has a USB 3.0 and HDMI connect.

Owners of this new game console will have 3D support with 4K2K compatibility. Plus, for those who love to watch movies on their PlayStations, 3D Blu-Ray compatibility is also a feature of the console. It can be synchronized with Sony Ericson, Sony Bravia, and Sony Entertainment Network. The elements on this gaming console are more than impressive.

If you are worried about the CPU, then rest assured because this console will have 32nm 8 Core Cell processor with 16 SPEs, and 22nm Kepler. Although no specific RAM has been revealed, it is presume to have at least 2GB of RAM. It definitely has plenty of power, strength, and durability for any gamer on any level.

Sony takes their time to construct the finest game console for buyers. The wait can seem agonizing at times, but gamers can expect nothing but the best product when they purchase a PS4. With its sleek design and long-awaited arrival, the PS4 is going to be on many wish-lists in 2012. So stay tuned for the official announcement of the PS4 release date.

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