Plaque Attack For Dogs

Plaque Attack

You might have seen Plaque Attack on TV.  It’s the next best thing to brushing your dog or cat’s teeth.  You spray Plaque attack on your pet’s teeth and it immediately starts to break down harmful germs and helps prevent tooth decay.  It also helps to freshen your pet’s breath.

If directions are followed properly, Plaque Attack produces noticeable results within weeks.  Its primary ingredients are fruit seed extracts and oils.  There aren’t any dangerous chemicals to worry about.  There’s only one side effect that a pet owner might have to worry about: there might be a short adjustment period where a cat or dog will have loose stools and an upset stomach.  The Plaque Attack website suggests that if a pet reacts this way, owners should slowly increase the dose, allowing the pet to adjust to the change in its diet.

Because cats can be sensitive to being sprayed, Plaque attack also comes in a gel.  A pet owner simply has to apply the gel onto their cat’s paw and the cat will lick it off.  This reduces the pet’s stress as well as the owner’s.  The gel is available at a reduced price when you order the spray.  However, if you only want the gel, you have to call or e-mail the customer service department.

Plaque Attack’s website has detailed instructions on how to use the product.  There’s a list of all the oils and seed extracts, along with detailed descriptions of how they work.  A testimonial page takes you to videos from actual satisfied customers.  Overall, the website is full of useful information and takes great care to make sure you’re getting the exact product that’s right for you as well as properly informed about how best to administer them to your pet.

The base price for a bottle of Plaque Attack is $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  They also have several combine and save packages.  For $39.90, you not only get two bottles, but you also get a free bottle.  If you’re not satisfied with their product, the Plaque Attack company offers a forty-five day money back guarantee.  However, they don’t refund shipping and handling.  The three-bottle deal costs $13.90 for postage and handling and individual bottles are $6.95 postage and handling.

Each bottle of the spray should last for at least six months.  Depending on the weight of a customer’s animal, it might even last longer, up to seven months or more.  This means that by taking advantage of the three-bottle deal, a customer could be buying almost two years worth of product.

Off-site reviews are mostly positive, with customers reporting that they had good results or better.  Reviews claimed that the product worked within weeks or even days.  Reviews also stated that their pet’s breath improved significantly.  As always, when introducing something new to a pet, customers should first seek the advice of their family vet.  If convinced that Plaque attack is appropriate for their pets, the official website is the easiest and cheapest purchase option.

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