Pajama Jeans Reviews And Details

Pajama Jeans

Pajama jeans are sweeping the nation with their comfort and cuteness. Pajama jeans are made from a material called DormiSoft. Dormisoft is a high quality, denim blend material made from 95% cotton, 5% spandex.  It is comfortable and soft just like pajamas, but look like a pair of dark colored jeans. They are available in boot cut and skinny jean types. Pajama jeans can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. They are comfortable enough to sleep in, yet fashionable enough for a night out with friends.

Pajama jeans come in a variety of sizes. Tailored to fit your specific measurements, the pajama jeans provide a comfort to any sized woman. Pajama jeans are not available in long or short sizes. They work well with people who are 5’7” or shorter. Anyone taller than that, the pants will be too short on them. The length is universal. Sizes range from extra small to 3x. The boot cut sizes have a wider leg for comfort. The skinny jean sizes are snug to your leg just like regular skinny jeans. Pajama jeans keep their shape even after multiple wears. They don’t stretch out like sweatpants or other jeans do when worn more than one time.

Pajama jeans provide the warmth and comfort of a pajama pant with the look of a nice pair of jeans. They help hold the warmth of your body inside while displaying a fashionable beauty on the outside. They provide comfort anywhere you go, even on an airplane.  They provide warmth so wonderful it is as if you are wearing your favorite fleece pajama pants.

Pajama jean material will not pill or fade away like other material types. They do not shrink but go back to true form just like when you took them out of the box for the first time. They are washable with any clothing. Washing your pajama jeans with dark clothes or other jeans will prove to be the best choice. When washing the pajama jeans for the first few times, it may bleed which will cause your light or white colored clothing to have a blue tint to it.

Pajama jeans are available in two different colors; dark and black denim. They provide style that makes them look like real jeans. They have brass rivets on the pockets and a unique stitching on the back of the jeans that creates a beautiful style. There are no zippers or buttons, which provide the ultimate comfort in wearing the pajama jeans. The pajama jeans provide an elastic waist and an internal drawstring for comfortableness. Women can feel sexy, stylish, and fashionable when wearing these pajama jeans. They also give a little more room to eat extra during the holidays without your pants feeling too tight. Pajama jeans are available online, in stores, and by calling their 1-800 number for only $39.95 plus shipping and handling charges. However if you buy from, you can get free shipping. Try the pajama jeans today and make yourself comfortable.

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