Paint Zoom Review

Paint Zoom Review

Applying a fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to spruce up a home.  A paint job freshens up the interior of the home and improves curb appeal on the exterior.  But many homeowners are unwilling to undertake a painting project because it is a labor-intensive process that involves dealing with brushes, rollers, scrapers, ladders and so much more.  That sounds too much like work.  Well, not anymore with Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer.

Paint Zoom is a lightweight, portable painting machine.   It simplifies the painting process and makes it easy for anyone to use. The paint of choice is loaded in the canister, the nozzle is set and pointed at the target area, the trigger is activated and the project should be done in no time at all.  Paint is sprayed from side to side, from the top down.  This machine makes the overlapping brush strokes technique obsolete.  Paint will be applied evenly regardless of texture but the process will be mess-free: no more paint drips.  Painting surfaces like brick, stucco, wood, concrete, paneling, is a breeze with a paint sprayer.

A 650 watt, industrial grade motor powers the Paint Zoom sprayer so that the right amount of paint is delivered every time and paint will be applied in crevices and hard-to-reach areas effortlessly.  Aside from being a time-saver for the DIY crowd, Paint Zoom is guaranteed to improve coverage and cut paint usage by 50%.  Homeowners will find that a single coverage will do the job when using this sprayer. The spray head has three settings that can easily be adjusted to suit the surface area being painted.  Overspray is minimal but surfaces should still be protected as usual.

Paint Zoom can be used with just about any type of paint, coating or stain except textured paint.  It is also helpful to use the paint sprayer when designing walls with stencils.  Actually, the Paint Zoom sprayer is useful for small projects such as painting deck chairs and fences.  But the machine is also practical for bigger projects like painting entire rooms.  It is lightweight and compact, making it easier to manage specially for more tedious projects.  With the Paint Zoom, painting becomes a stress-free and fun activity.

When using the Paint Zoom sprayer it is important to properly prepare the surface being painted.  Users are also cautioned to practice using the machine before proceeding to the real project.  Moving the sprayer quickly will deliver a thin coat while slower movements will deliver a thicker coat.  Minimize stopping and starting intermittently as this will cause paint application to be uneven.  When painting smaller areas or objects,  the paint flow dial should be on low to prevent overspray and splotchy painting.

The Paint Zoom  Paint Sprayer is available online and in home improvement stores for under $100.00  The company offers a payment plan for online purchases.  It is sold with a one year warranty and a risk-free, thirty-day trial period.  Paint Zoom is a must-have for the perfectionist painter.

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