Neodymium Magnet And Its Uses

Neodymium Magnet

Neodymium magnet is a rare earth magnet which is an alloy made up of neodymium as its main component along with iron, boron and some transitional metals. These magnets were first available in the 1970’s.

These magnets are the strongest types of magnets made. Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets because of their alloy composition and crystalline structure.

This is a rare earth magnet which has a tetragonal structure.

These magnets are produced by:

  • the process of sinterization or the metallurgical process
  • a process where rapid solidification takes place

The neodymium magnets are used in many appliances and gadgets in recent times such as:

  • in the MRI technology (magnetic resonance imaging) in various radiological settings
  • the hard discs which are used in computers
  • they are widely used in loudspeakers
  • in the manufacturing headphones
  • in pickups used in magnetic guitars
  • in the manufacture of vehicles and other automobiles
  • manufacture of powered steering wheels
  • neodymium magnets are used in cordless tools
  • during the manufacture of various toys
  • widely used for medical purposes in various industries
  • these are also used widely by the security industries which help in the manufacture of security alarms and various security systems
  • television industries make use of the neodymium magnet
  • neodymium magnets are used by the industries who manufacture generators, the strength of the generator depends upon the power of the neodymium magnet used
  • neodymium magnets are used in various healing process sometimes known as the healing magnet used in health industries to promote general good health of the individual
  • these magnets are being used in oil industries to separate the iron particles from the other metals and impurities
  • in recent times, the properties of the neodymium magnets have been used by jewelers as they use this for the manufacture of earrings and other accessories

Neodymium magnets are available in various sizes used for different purposes. They are known for their powerful magnetic effect. Neodymium magnets have this typical metallic appearance.

The neodymium magnets do not get demagnetized because of its powerful nature. Another reason for the popularity of the neodymium magnet is the affordability.

There are certain precautions to be taken while handling or using neodymium magnets, they are as follows:

  • these magnets should never be allowed near a person who has a heart pace maker or any other aid which is used for medical purposes which serves similar function
  • they should be handled with care as these magnets are very brittle and also very prone to chip off
  • these magnets should never be burnt, as burning of these magnets will create fumes which are very toxic

General care should be taken while handling these neodymium magnets because sometimes injuries take place when two neodymium magnets attract. Many injuries have been reported while using this magnet.

These magnets have a high oxidizing property hence it is recommended to always get the magnet with an anti-corrosive agent to retain its properties. They are available in various rods, balls, blocks, discs, plates etc.

The magnetic field produced by these neodymium magnets can be felt even at 12 inch distance around the magnet.

These should never be heated about 180 Fahrenheit, it will make the magnet lose its properties. This magnet is of great use for many purposes however the general behavior of the magnet should be understood thoroughly before using or handling it.

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