Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Using natural remedies for anxiety

Although it is normal to feel anxious at times, when you feel anxious and would like to get rid of that feeling, there are natural remedies that can help you with the condition. Symptoms to look out for and know whether you are anxious are symptoms like being restless, tense, easily irritable, and impatient and have a poor concentration among others. You might also start feeling a headache, muscle tension, insomnia, fatigue, bloating, indigestion and other feelings like sweating. All these anxiety feelings can be extremely uncomfortable hence the need to get rid of them all. Instead of trying to get medication, you can use natural remedies that will help solve the problem.  One of the natural remedies for anxiety is passionflower which is a herb otherwise known as passiflora incarnate. It also helps ease insomnia when taken. The herb allows one to have improved alertness, less drowsiness and reduced irritability by enabling the person taking it become more at peace and comfortable. However, the side effects of the passionflower may include vomiting, nausea, a rapid heartbeat and others. People who are pregnant, children and those with kidney disease should however be cautious while taking passionflower because its effects on them have not been established yet.

Body work such as massages, shiatsu and even yoga or other works that are geared at resting the bodily muscles can be used to treat anxiety. These include mind and body techniques which consist of yoga, tai chi, hypnosis, meditation all which work to relieve the body off stress and clean the soul and the spirit and mind too. All natural remedies for anxiety are mostly taken by people who do not need medical attention to treat anxiety especially if it is not posing a serious threat to their health. They can also substitute for other methods of treatment especially if the patient does not have money or insurance to get medical attention. Some of the natural remedies for anxiety can be practiced at home without anyone’s help hence making them relatively cheaper. Valerian is another natural herb that can be used to treat anxiety naturally. This is actually the most commonly and successful herb used to treat anxiety. This particular herb is best taken an hour before bedtime and it takes about 14 to 21 days to be effective.  However, the herb should not be taken for more than three months continuously. Its side effects are; headaches, dizziness, indigestion and palpitations. There are valerian liquids such as valerian tea that can be taken if someone wants to take the liquids instead.

Valerian should also never be taken with depressants, sedatives and antihistamines. Alcohol should be avoided as well, before and even after surgery by anyone. Other natural remedies for anxiety include kava, aromatherapy and gamma-aminobutyric acid or otherwise referred to as GABA.  All these remedies are available from many herbal or natural supplement shops online and elsewhere. You can also get the advice of the body works from specialists.

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  1. Narul says:

    Actually there are a lot of natural remedies for anxiety, one is this great flower essences. I have used this for about a month and its really effective in reducing my anxiety attacks. Now I am enjoying my busy day confronting those stress and pressures of life.

    Learned a lot from your informative post. Hope to read more of your article. Thanks it really helped me. 🙂

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