Multiple Myeloma Prognosis Information

Multiple Myeloma Prognosis

Multiple myeloma is a form of cancer that attacks the white blood cells in a person’s blood.  White blood cells are vital to the body’s health as they fight infection, illness, and are building blocks of the immune system.  When a person falls victim to multiple myeloma, cancer cells, when not treated, will run riot through the blood system, severely affecting the level of white blood cells in the body.  With multiple myeloma, cancer can actually spread from the blood vessels to other parts of the body.  Left unchecked, it will eventually result in death.  However, a multiple myeloma prognosis will ascertain a form of treatment to address multiple myeloma as well as the chances for the patient to have a recovery from the disease.  Patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma may find that they can manage the disease with medication and treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation; stem cell transplants are another treatment option that has been used with a degree of success. There may even be remission from the disease.  It often depends on how early the disease is caught, how wide spread the malignancy is,  and an individual’s response to treatment.

A patient is diagnosed with multiple myeloma through a battery of testing and consideration of symptoms as well.  A multiple myeloma prognosis follows as doctors attempt to give patients an estimate of their life expectancy.  Chances are usually better for the young and the strong while those who are weak or elderly tend to have a less favorable prognosis.  For individuals that are relatively young and in good health prior to the disease, diagnosed at stage one, there is an estimate of about five years left with the disease.  For those at stage two, roughly four years can be expected while patients with stage three cancer should expect less and stage four, the most severe, generally means a very short term is remaining.  However, these estimates are only numbers used as generalizations and not every person will respond the same way.  A great deal rests on the patient’s spirit and determination.  Those with a strong faith and devoted family, with young children and valuable work that is fulfilling, will often find the strength to overcome.  In addition, there are so many new innovations that evolve on a regular basis in the medical world.  A combination of new techniques may be the answer to a positive multiple myeloma prognosis.

Should a person be diagnosed with mulitple myeloma, it is important to get all of the facts about the condition, get numerous medical opinions about the best possible plans, and find out what lifestle changes can assist in a better multiple myeloma prognosis.  A well-rounded diet, non-strenuous exercise and lack of stress may be a great contributing factor to boosting someone’s endurance.  If a patient isn’t happy with the plan of attack or multiple myeloma prognosis given by one doctor and facility, it is time to take charge and find another.  Multiple myeloma doesn’t have to mean the end.

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