Micro Touch Max Reviews And Details

There are so many areas on the body that need to be constantly trimmed that is becomes rather expensive to purchase new and different blades for each area. This is where the Micro Touch Max comes into play. The Micro Touch Max is designed to cut and trim just about any area of the human body, in one, small and concise design. The product is not bulky, so you can hold it with a few fingers, and the product is powered with replaceable AA batteries, so you never need to bring along a bulky charger while traveling.

The Micro Touch Max is able to cut around just about any area you need to stay trim. This not only includes the neck line, but also nose, ears, eyebrows and even around beards, sideburns, arms and chest. No matter what you are looking at trimming, the Micro Touch Max is capable of performing the task. Of course, with the eyebrows, you don’t want to simply take off the hair. There is a small attachment that goes over the blade on the cutter, so you don’t trim off more than necessary.

The Micro Touch Max has a light towards the tip of the blade, so you are able to see where you are cutting, without casting a shadow on the area. There is a 10 piece grooming kit that comes with the equipment when you buy it, that gives you extra grooming control.

The Micro Touch Max is only available for purchase online, as you can’t buy it in stores currently, although this is always able to change. When purchasing the equipment online, the actual device costs $15, plus an added $7 for shipping. On top of this, if you want to obtain the 10 piece grooming kit, you must pay another $7 for further shipping, so the entire package is going to cost you nearly $30, when it is all said and done.

The Micro Touch Max does come with a 30 day money back guarantee (minus the shipping, of course), so if you don’t like the product, it is possible to send the equipment back. However, at this point, it isn’t even really worth mailing the product back. You don’t receive the money for the shipping you paid when initially ordering the equipment ($14 of the $29 total), plus you have to pay shipping yourself when returning the equipment, so although the claim does say money back guarantee, you actually only receive about a third of the money back, after paying for the second set of shipping.

If you are looking to cut down on the amount of items you are looking to purchase for grooming, you can try out the Micro Touch Max. It states it is able to trim any area on the body, although be extra careful around the genitalia area, as this skin is extremely lose, and is more likely to be cut in the blade. Make sure to follow the specific instructions while using the equipment.

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  1. Brad Wills says:

    It’s faultx advertising if you say you can’t buy these in local store’s when I found out you can!!! Also there sold for a lot less than on TV and online and save shipping and return fee I’m having to pay…

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