Magic Mesh Review And Details

Magic Mesh

We have always encountered and read about Magic Mesh over the internet, classified ads in newspapers and in the commercials on TV.  Somehow we get fascinated to get hold of this one for our house, RV or camper.  But before that, we have to get familiar on how this door really works and how it can help us live a comfortable life at home during summer.

Magic Mesh are basically screen doors made out of fine mesh that keeps insects like mosquitoes and flies out but allows the air to get in.  It can instantly be placed in the sliding doors, front and back doors and doors in the camper or RV.   Using this door is like magic since you do not have to use your hands to open and close the door.  It automatically opens and you can walk straight through the screen door, and after passing through, the door just gently click back together.  This becomes possible because the Magic Mesh door is made or two panels that are held together with 18 magnets.

Having a Magic Mesh in the house is also energy efficient.  Using an air conditioning or fan is not necessary anymore since the door is designed in which you can open the door and let the cool breeze get into the home during fine weather.  This is also beneficial for the pets since they can simply walk in and out and the door will automatically close behind them.  There will also be no more slamming among the kids because the magnetic fastenings close together gently and quietly.

Installing the Magic Mesh screen doors only takes a minute.  You just need to glue the fabric fasteners to the door and affix it to the door.  This will stay in place for the whole summer.   This is already available in the market for only $19.95. The set consists of one door with a height of 83 inches, two panels with a width of 19.5 inches each and fasteners to hang it.

To summarize, the Magic Mesh has a fine mesh design, can be easily installed without having to use nails, tools or screws, opens and closes instantly because of the 18 strategically place magnets, perfect of single and sliding doors, and can be kept and folded away when the summer is over. Its advantages include letting the pets come in and out of the house without any hassle, can be hanged and taken down easily, reduces energy bills and have a fresh air circulating the house instead, fits for any types of doors at home, in the RV or camper, keeps the insects and bugs away from the house and avoid hearing any slamming of doors from the kids.

Magic Mesh is indeed a simple solution that gives a big impact in our lives during summer.  Having a fresh air all throughout the summer early mornings and evenings without worrying on how to keep the insects away is surely a magic.  You can also put additional accessories for the door to look a lot cooler.

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