Lung Cancer Symptoms and Signs: Be Informed

Lung cancer symptoms and signs are worth knowing because early detection could spell a mile of a difference between death and recovery. At the early stages of lung cancer, the success rate of interventions for cure is greater so people must be aware of what they are so they can get proper medical attention.


Are you the type of person who could not get through lunch break without puffing at least two or three cigarettes? Do you feel incomplete if you could not get your hands on a cigarette and smoke? Do you feel uneasy if there are no available cigarettes for you to consume?


If you answer yes to the questions above, then you could become a candidate for lung cancer. Almost 90 % of those who get this type of cancer are heavy smokers. What people tend to think is that because it is common knowledge that the lungs are naturally built for overcapacity, they would be able to tolerate cigarettes. However, this is not the case. While it is true that the lungs are strong, eventually, they would weaken and before a person knows it, he or she has already done irreparable damage.


Apart from causing harm to yourself, before you know it, a close relative and loved one who have not even touched a cigarette would already exhibit lung cancer symptoms and signs. How is this possible, you might ask? Well, the bitter truth is, passive smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. If you cannot stop because you have been so addicted to nicotine because of the years and years of cigarette use, then you might want to know that a person who inhales passive smoke is more likely to have cancer by 25 % compared with people who are not living with smokers.


The thing about smoking is that it not only endangers the smoker, it also poses a huge health risk to other people as well, most especially the spouse and children. Without sounding overly dramatic, this fact is worth taking a second look at if you are considering quitting.


What are the red flags that you must be wary of to know if you could be a candidate for lung cancer? Well, one is if you see blood whenever you cough, that is something you should not just disregard. In fact, chronic coughing in itself is something that is often overlooked because it is deemed normal for smokers, but having a check up is always best.


Difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath are also signs because when the lungs are damaged, because they facilitate breathing, they find it harder to provide you with a smoother air flow within your body.


Some people who are candidates for lung cancer also experience slight to moderate pain in the chest or the abdomen. Others also have difficulty swallowing. In more extreme cases, people report rapid weight loss, which is something that is already alarming. This is hinged on another symptom, which is loss of appetite.


People must always take care of their health because in the end, their bodies would respond in ways that are not very pleasant. If you abuse your bodies, then they would become weak. In the case of smokers, they should always have their eyes on lung cancer symptoms and signs.

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