Let’s Talk About the Swivel Store

Swivel Store

There’s never too much storage space in a woman’s kitchen.  Never enough room for pots, pan, gadgets and food preparation.  We always need more space. When we get more, we still need more.  Let’s face it, a woman needs space and needs plenty of it in her kitchen.  Why, you might ask!  Because we spend  almost 70% of our lives in the kitchen.

Most of us love to experiment when preparing meals for our family and nothing provides more pleasure than a family who cannot wait to experience the flavor of a new recipe or dish prepared.  So for health reasons and with love in mind, many of us experiment with new spices and recipes.

The more flavor in our meal, the more pleasing the dish and the more pleasure our family gets out of a meal.  There are thousands of spices available for everyday use.  Some provide more nutritional value, others provide just more flavor and then others can be used in many diverse ways in addition to enhancing the flavor of a dish.

Most of us have at least twenty to thirty bottles of herbs and spices stored in our cabinets.  When preparing a dish, usually we have to push through several bottles to find those required for a particular recipe. Afterwards, we find ourselves with the task of replacing the jars.

Well lo and behold, now there’s an amazing new item available that accommodates up to 20 bottles of spices in less than four inches of cabinet space.  Just two Swivel Stores will accommodate the number of spice bottles most cooks keep at hand in their cabinets.

But wait, not only does the Swivel Store work for spice bottles., the Swivel Store can be used for pill bottles, and even for nails or other items in the garage.  For green purposes, those little pill bottles can be used to hold nails, buttons, pins, and hundreds of others miniscule items that form clutter in and around the home.

Swiveling also is a wonderful idea when manufacturing and using the Swivel Store. Rather than having to maneuver and work around a drawer or file, the Swivel Store can be pulled out and then swiveled around to a position in which you can easily find anything you need.

The Swivel Store holds all standard sized pill or spice bottles which can be stored in 4 inches of space.  Presently, the Swivel Store is available in white only.  However, with the popularity of this items, shoot an email to the manufacturer recommending they consider providing more colors or materials.  Who knows, within a couple of months, you might just find additional materials and colors available.

You can purchase the Swivel Store online for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling cost.  With each order, you receive two Swivel Stores.  Your order ships for a total cost of $19.99 plus $15.98 shipping and handling.

Your Swivel Store will be received within 2 to 6 weeks.  If you find that you are not happy with your purchase, send the items back to the manufacturer in the original packing if possible.  A refund will be applied to your credit card minus the shipping and handling fees.

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  1. Cat says:

    Swivel Store stinks! Most disappointing. It is made of very cheap flimsy plastic and the shelves are not large enough to hold most spies. What I thought was going to be a great space saver and organizer for my spices turned out to be a big rip-off. AND with what I paid for shipping charges (both delivery and return) I barely broke even on the cost of the stupid thing. I do not recommend this product and think Swivel Store should refund me all the shipping charges as well as the cost of the product. DO NOT waste your time and money.

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