Lean Cuisine Diet Plan For You

If you finally decided to get rid of those unwanted fats and curves in your body, try the lean cuisine diet.

Lean cuisine diet is a diet plan where one only consumes meals that are prepared and delivered to you frozen. Some of these meals can readily be bought or ordered. They come in a box and you simply heat them in the microwave. Each meal is low calorie and low fat meal. These diet meals, however, can be loaded with preservatives since they are frozen food and were prepared ahead of time. If you do not have the time to deal with food preparation, you might want to consider this food in the box delivery.

Depending on the amount of body fat you need to shed, this kind of diet is usually a one to two weeks diet. If you stick to it without cheating yourself, you can lose a lot of pounds in those two weeks alone.

For starters, a diet menu of 2 cups of tea, honey for sweetener, and one piece toasted bread for breakfast. For lunch have a lean cuisine meal that is at least 200 calories or lesser and a fresh garden salad with light dressing. For snack, an apple or banana will do. For dinner, again 2 cups of tea sweetened with honey and a cup of fruity yogurt. Follow this diet religiously and you can lose as those pounds in no time.

Some of these meals have low fat and calorie content. Some as low as 6 grams and only about 150 calories. There are over a hundred lean cuisine meals to choose from. You can simply choose and replace your lunch meal any day you want with what you want.

While short-term diet may be beneficial sometimes, long-term diet of only lean cuisine meals is not advisable.

Like all other things, there is also a drawback or negative effect with the lean cuisine diet meals. As a processed frozen food product, these meals are loaded with sodium or salt. Too much sodium or salt intake is responsible for water retention in the body. Too much salt, too much water retained. This will defeat the purpose of attaining leaner body in the long run. Vitamins and minerals necessary for the body become deficient. Too much salt can bring kidney problems. And Kidney problems lead to a whole lot of other medical conditions.

It is then better to eat lots of fruits and vegetables while on this diet. The vitamins and minerals your body need will be provided by the fruits and vegetables that you eat. This way you do not sacrifice yourself of being malnourished.

The keys to dieting successfully are education, determination, discipline, and balance diet. Educating yourself with what you eat and drink is important. Determination to reach your goals is a plus factor. Discipline is very important for you stay focused and stay on your diet plan. Balance diet is the most important of all. You may eat and live on lean cuisine diet meal for as long as you want but that will not guarantee you will be healthy for the rest of your life.


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