Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

People never seem to get contented with their hair. If your hair is straight, you want to experiment and try and see how you’ll look like with a curly hair. If your hair is curly, you will want to try and see how you’ll look like with it straight. This is the very reason why people undergo various types of keratin hair treatment. However, it is important to know that keratin hair treatment side effects are also existent.


When a person decides to undergo keratin hair treatment, chances are, not only money is greatly spent on as well as time. Undergoing hair treatments can take hours and hours of waiting until you finally see the new you. But not a lot of people realize that doing so can bring about certain risks not only to their hair but also to their body in general.


Here are some side effects you can acquire when you undergo keratin hair treatment. First of all, since keratin hair treatment can be found both in the hair and the nails, it simply means that, it is a very important composition of the body. Since people believe that this kind of treatment is like a miracle treatment in eliminating frizz and curls, and since the treatment is made to be strong, there are a lot of side effects to it as well.


At the exact time that keratin is applied to a person’s hair and a hot hair iron is used to straighten it, and then the hair is washed using water, then immediately the side effects take place in this very simple procedure. Primarily, keratin hair treatments contain Formaldehyde, a particular type of dangerous carcinogenic.


Most keratin treatments too are being promoted and are said to be chemical free, but this is of course, are not true. In order for a keratin hair treatment to work, it must be composed of different types of chemicals that are said to be very effective for this main purpose. But other than this, other keratin hair treatment side effects has to do with hair loss.


It has been reported that people who have used this kind of hair treatment have noticed consistent and even growing hair loss conditions. And even if a person’s hair becomes noticeably straighter after the said treatment, the quality and texture of the hair becomes much poorer.


Most hair types after undergoing keratin hair treatment not only become dry, they also become very brittle, thus hair loss has become very evident. This is why before using any treatment for your hair, it is important that you have the chemicals in it checked by your dermatologist.


Speaking of which, make sure to consult with your dermatologist too if you can use this kind of treatment, otherwise you just might be presented with even more problems that have to do with keratin hair treatment side effects that you can very well and easily acquire. So remember, it is always best to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to looking good.

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