Keratin Hair Treatment Reviews On The Rise

Frizzy hair can be a big problem, especially for those who have long hair. Last 2008, Keratin hair treatments of all kinds became the new rave, and until now, it is still popular. The treatment is quite expensive and one must prepare some cash if they are planning to have their hair undergo keratin treatments. There are a lot of Keratin treatment reviews that speak of how this hair treatment has changed their lives, from frizzy mundane hair to a healthy beautiful mane. Quite a number also asks of how this treatment works and so curios women also try to look for reviews and product description on the internet.

Keratin hair treatment reviews are often available on the internet, even in the products’ containers and labels have description and product reviews written. But one important thing to remember when you are planning to undergo this treatment, there are chemicals contained in the formula, like formaldehyde, although FDA tells manufacturers to include only a minimal amount. Precautions are even advised for stylist and customers alike just so it is really safe for them to use keratin treatment.

You are probably wondering why formaldehyde is still included in the manufacture of the product if it is said to be an unhealthy choice for a hair product. Formaldehyde is included in the product because it is what makes the formula work, the formaldehyde seals in the keratin, which is why it is included. Another thing included in keratin treatment reviews is its expensiveness. You will have to spend quite an amount just so you can have your hair treated with keratin. Along with that, you also have to make sure that you do not expose your hair to water, which will depend on the formula your salon is using, which means you cannot take your shower not unless your stylist gave you the go.

That will allow the formula to really sink into your hair. Ponytails, hairclips, sunglasses and exposure to rain and sweat should also be prevented because kinks could come from those clips, ponies and glasses and the rain or your sweat will definitely wash away the keratin, which is still trying to work its way onto your hair. It is important that you follow your stylist’s orders so that your 300 dollars or so spent for the keratin treatment will not be wasted.

However, not all salons do follow what a keratin treatment formula manufacturer tells them to do, and not all formula will work to all hair types. Precaution should still be taken when deciding in styling your hair because it will be for your own health that the treatment will be really safe. Just like how it happened in one instance which was stated along with other keratin hair treatment reviews, how on the second treatment it no longer worked as expected the way it did on the first treatment. So, you better watch out for salons and hair treatments that can damage your hair instead of making your mane look better.


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