Iphone 5 Release Date, Features, Specs And More

Will the Iphone 5 ever be released?

Our iPhone 5 release date prediction: November 2012

Latest iPhone 5 rumored release date: October 2012

The release date of the iphone 5 has been just an on going rumor for months now. Among the new features every new Iphone brings, the release date is just as hot a topic. People want to iPhone 5know exactly when it’s available so they can have it first, or have it at all. Every new Iphone release has always been a hectic yet very successful one for Apple, selling faster than they can deliver. People always want what they can’t have which just makes these launches that much more troublesome. Fear not, when the Iphone 5 release date is leaked you can be certain that we will have it for you first.

The Iphone 5 was expected to be released with the new iOS 5 but complications happened which made the release of the iphone 5 with iOS 5 impossible in Apple’s eyes. So here we have the Iphone 4S, which to many was a major disappointment. Most people were expecting more from one of the world’s biggest and most technologically influential companies to date. The day the Iphone 4s was announced, Apple’s stock plummeted and for good reason. While the Iphone 4s does offer performance upgrades and added features, it was not enough according to the majority of Iphone enthusiasts. While it isn’t the first time Apple released an ‘S’ version in between official versions, it was the fact that it was so out of the blue and unexpected it has shocked people and Apple’s stock.

The iPhone 5 release date is still just rumors circulating with no concrete information. However the fact that Apple seems to prefer to have their major launches in late spring to early summer is probably a good place to speculate as the next release date for Iphone 5. As of right now most tech gurus are saying early summer 2012, but now with the recent release of the Iphone 4s the iphone 5 release date could be delayed further. Customers that buy the iPhone 4s could be extremely angry if Apple were to release the Iphone 5 less than a year later. Unfortunately in today’s technology world 1 year is a very long time, so get used to it.

Not only are these release dates a matter of releasing a bug free product, but there is also a marketing aspect behind them. Apple wants to release at the absolute best time to maximize profits after building months and even years worth of hype. Delaying too long could allow for competition to come in and snag a good percentage of customers that grow tireless of waiting. Releasing too soon could result in a bug filled product that wasn’t tested enough causing major customer support issues and potentially damaging the company’s reputation.

As you can see the iPhone 5 release date is a very touchy subject for both customers, developers and manufacturers with many variables coming into play. Who will know the official release date of the Iphone 5 first? Apple of course! Who will be the next to know? Something to keep in mind though is that Steve Jobs delayed the iPhone 5 because he felt it wasn’t ready, however his successors seem to feel otherwise moving forward with the new phone. So there could be new standards and protocols Apple is taking now that could affect things like release date patterns we’re used to.

iPhone 5 Specs

There is good reason to believe that Apple will be introducing a new quad-core cpu with it’s next iPhone release, with the CPU rumored to be called an Apple A6. It would be a huge disappointment to many if the iPhone 5 is launched with anything less than a quad-core CPU especially the way mobile devices have been trending for 2012 launches. We can also expect to see increased memory, at least we hope.

iPhone 5 Screen

According to a few sources, both Sony and Hitachi have shipped prototype 4-inch screen sized iPhone 5’s to Apple for testing. If this is true it could mean an iPhone 5 release date as early as March 2012 but more than likely later rather than sooner. There are new rumors constantly circulating about what screen-size Apple will go with. There are reports of screen sizes up to 4.75″, 4.6″ and 4.25″. There is no concrete news on which one will actually be chosen or if Apple is willing to chose just one. There is word that Apple may be considering multiple screen size options for their iPhone 5, trying to appeal to the masses and compete with their increasingly growing competition.

iPhone 5 camera is rumored to be 8MP offering 1080p HD video recording and pictures.

iPhone 5 Features

Digital Wallet (NFC) – With this new technology popping up in more and more recently released cell phones like the Nexus, it’s only a matter of time before Apple is forced to follow suit. With Apple being known in the past for being the pioneers of innovative new technology being the first to incorporate, it seems as though times are changing and they are being beat to the punch by a host of new competitors. If Apple is going to incorporate a digital wallet NFC option with the iPhone 5, look for it to excel over whats available right now in terms of speed, flexibility and security.

4G/LTE Support – With the recent release of the iPad 3 bringing 4G technology to the first Apple device, there is no reason to believe that the iPhone won’t offer the same. There have been many credible sources claiming this as well.

iPhone 5 News

Update (March 22nd 2012):

Rumors are circulating the Apple may possibly be releasing the iPhone 5 with two option for screen sizes, similar to their usual memory size (16gb and 32gb) option. There is a lot of debate from consumers about what screen size they would prefer, and obviously going with one is going to leave the other half of the consumers dis-pleased and lost. So why not capture both micro markets with a 3.5inch screen size option for those looking to stay small, and then the upgraded 4.0 – 4.75inch screen size option. The only thing holding Apple back from doing this is figuring out what the increased manufacturing costs will be compared to the amount of consumers they would potentially lose with offering just one screen size option.

Update (March 28th 2012):

A news report from Taiyuan, Shanxi, China has just surfaced today that the Foxconn factory just received an order from Apple to begin manufacturing of the new iPhone 5. The Foxconn factory is now looking to hire some 20,000 new workers to complete this task by this year. This leads us to believe that the release date of the iPhone 5 should be geared towards Apple’s traditional fall launches and not June or July like many had hoped. That is unless Apple has secretly sent out orders to other mobile device manufacturers already that we don’t know about and Foxconn is just a late addition, but it’s unlikely. Will keep this updated as we learn more on this story.

Update (April 4th, 2012):

There is lots of speculation going around that June 15, 2012 is the new projected release date for the iPhone 5. Let it be known that this claim is based off a Foxconn worker that was quoted as saying in an interview that the Foxconn factory is looking to hire up to 20,000 new workers to replace it’s current on-strike worker base in order to complete an order from Apple for iPhone 5’s that need to be completed for a possible June 15 launch. This is pure speculation as the worker to make the claim was even quoted as being uncertain about his own statement. With all that being said, a June 15th launch at this point would seem very rushed and here is why. It would take at least a month to get all these 20,000 new workers up to speed, and then another 1-2 months to complete all the manufacturing. That puts them at the start of June right there and that is assuming there will be no hiccups along the way. For such a massive launch from a company like Apple, things just don’t add up for a June 15th launch. An October launch would make much more sense at this point.

Update (April 20th, 2012):

New rumours circulating that the iPhone 5 will be released in October according to a recently leaked statement by Qualcomm that develops chips for Apple claiming their chips for the next iPhone won’t be ready until late summer. The other rumour is that the phone will be made from a metallic glass, but not the screen as this type of glassy metal is opaque, not transparent.

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97 Responses to Iphone 5 Release Date, Features, Specs And More

  1. vida says:

    does any body know how much is the price of iPhone5 in iran?!
    can i buy it from UK or US and use it in iran?!

  2. im cool says:

    i hope its cool

  3. usman says:

    I can not wait for October…..

  4. hardzdong says:

    hope iPhone 5 will be released this June so that i can buy and hope they will expand battery life….

  5. abas says:

    how many dollar?

  6. abas says:

    iphone5 it is nice & very intersting one t

  7. Ronak says:

    very nice……it should include all the things which i mentioned above in check marks.

  8. Matt says:

    For me the question is what do I want from a phone! I had an iphone 3g – it had a great build quality and it was a great platform for apps. I switched to the htc desire z – lots of built in software and nice feel to the phone but the battery has been useless since day 1. Also i find the software buggy. For work I have had 4 different blackberry’s. For communication, blackberry’s do it better. For apps they are useless!

    For a work phone I will always aim for a blackberry device but for a personal phone, I will be heading back to iphone. Iphones just work, it’s as simple as that

  9. Jose says:

    I hope iPhone 5 comes in 2 screen size, 3.5″ classic n 4.7″.
    Both are 4g/LTE, HD screen as iPad3, plus a battery ife last for at least 12hrs.

  10. dan says:

    Jeez, iphone fanboys are so ignorant. My brother and I both have droids.His droid x which is 2 years old does the same thing as the 4s and equally as fast. I have had the bionic since launch day and its takes a steamy dump on any iphone. While I agree that apple makes some great products the current verisions of the iphone are inferior to any droid released with 4g capabilities. Look at the specs for once. The s in 4s stands for sucker, cuz you got locked into a 2 year agreement for a phone that was outdated on its launch day

    • Olly says:

      Ive had both android and iPhones. I can only assume you’ve not had an iPhone, cause you still think android better.
      Get one and you’ll never need any other company

  11. John says:

    I know someone that has the iphone 5
    I know one new thing about it: it has a 4.2 inch screen
    I can get some pics of it

  12. J Houx says:

    What is the word on the ipad4 having Flash capability? This is the only thing I don’t like about my iPad2. Does any one know if Apple and Flash have made up yet or are even talking to each other?

    • Jose says:

      You must be crazy to stuck with those fancy but resourse hogging power draining
      Software while html 5 capable doing the same task.

  13. phonecluster says:

    3.7″ to 4″ is average size, don’t make it too huge that doesn’t fit in single hand operation and in pocket

  14. lck says:

    If Apple can come up with macbook air it should be able to come up with iPhone air.

  15. bujang says:

    The size of Iphone 5 screen should be larger to or higher than 4-5 inches. This is most surrounding talked about and special request a lot.

  16. steve jobs says:

    i have an iphone shuffle siriously it about 5 inch tall and 2inch wide i got it on a steve jobs fair i won it for 110$ the regular price is 500$ so i got lucky i made a video on it on youtube check it out visit my website david difranco go to utube and check out my website and syuff oh my sis christin is a blond bitch my mom dibby wizar is a fatx acce monster who killed ashley thats how she died

  17. KaZee says:

    It doesn’t if andriod creates a time machine or a transporter on their silly laptop sized phones and screens! Apple will always be Apple and iphone’s will always be iphone’s…clearly a league of thier own! and people who buy andriod phones are just cheap ass! I will buy the iphone regardless even if it was worse than the 4s, 4, 3s or 3! BRING IT ON APPLE!!!

  18. Maui69ForU2 says:

    If you have an IPhone 4 Stay with that no need to upgrade to 4S not worth it just wait for IPhone 5 or whatever it will be called. IPhone 4 just as fast as 4S, has way longer battery life and they dont have much apps that can utilize the iphone 4S power anyways, youtube , safari not any different or faster so not worth it

  19. Marc says:

    This iPhone 5 will be the next big thing

  20. David says:

    Put the compass back in just like the iPhone 3GS

  21. lenin says:

    What is the use of increasing the screen size upto 4.7” or 4.5”??? If the Apple company Brings forth this step, customers may, at first like it, but mind it afterwards they will hate it and miss the smaller sized screen!!! C’mon u people, what is the use of 4.5-4.7” screen sized phones??? If you want, go for tabs!!! The best would be 3.8”-4.0”!! If they try to go beyond that, a big WTF to that!!

    • Maui69ForU2 says:

      I Agree just a little bit bigger is OK but still fit easily in one hand and in your pocket. Try using the Andoids with one hand NO can do

  22. Liam says:

    A 4 inch screen … Haha … Is it me or is the htc one X 4.7 inch
    Sorry that apple won’t put a bigger screen than that because it means spending abit of money

    My iPhone 4s screen … Jesus … The first Nokia has a bigger screen
    Atleast Nokia has a decent battery, if I wired my iPhone to a car battery probably won’t last as longer as the Nokia

    And 500 pound … Paying more for less … Ten pound phone from asda would be better

    Also I dont feel safe with Siri … Bloody pedo

    Also sort your shite Facebook app losers !

    Btw if your wondering my iPhone is on charge where it’s continually been since I bought it

  23. IS says:

    I hope that Apple make the 4G with other frequencies than the Ipad3. It’s useless outside US!

  24. Chad says:

    Would be nice to know the basis for your claimed date of June 15?

    I ask because I’ve heard some chatter on Twitter about it being be possibly released on April 16

    Thanks for your input. Just trying to time the release on some credible info.

  25. Asfer says:

    I dont like this shape of iphone 5

  26. Jen says:

    The rumors on the Iphone 5 sound pretty amazing and I am happy they are taking their time with this. Competition in this world is already skyrocketing with new ideas and Apple has great products, but they also have to keep up or continue to go over those other competitions heads. I am curious to see how this will turn out. I am with Verizon and I have the Incredible 2 which I love. This is the first time I’ve been really satisfied with a phone running on the android OS, but if this Iphone 5 is as good as Apple normally does then I will be on that bandwagon come launch day! I am not comparing the two OS’s though, because they have so many differences and it’s completely pointless. It’s really based on personal taste. Great job keeping us updated on the latest rumors and Apple keep doing what you are best at! Just please don’t rush it, make it the best you can!

  27. bilal wani says:

    really i like iphone features but i dont like look awesome…

  28. Tiz says:

    Seriously, what’s the big difference between the so awaiting Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iphone5??
    The Samsung has revealed it’s features and it’s simply awesome: quad core, 12 mp HD camera, Adroid ice cream sandwhich!
    I want to know the differences!
    Can someone please enveil the differences for me!

    Right now, I’m fond of the Nexus, It’s a magical phone. But I adore HTC phones.

  29. Bart Landes says:

    Enjoyed reading the rumors and the comments. I just went into the samrtphone while verizon had double data plan. Been 2 weeks. Got droid 4 because of the keyboard. The one very imprtant thing I want to say and let me say I have never taken the time to post a comment. My experience as another user said THE THING GOES DEAD IN 4 – 5 HOURS IF THAT FROM A FULL CHARGE. i KNOW IT IS 4G AND i AM GETTING 4g. i JUST CAN NOT DEAL WITH THE SMALL VIRTUAL KEYBOARD OIN THE 4s AS i BORROWED ONE FROM A FRIEND FOR A DAY. Hope Apple comes out with much larger screen and if 4g keeps there battery liife long while using 4G.

  30. rohit says:

    in iPhone 5 apple is launching the two screen sizes as they done in the storage (16gb/32gb/64gb) models, there could be the “iPhone 5 Nano” having the screen size of 3 inches and a normal one of 4 to 4.75 inch, so it would be the users choice to select the screen size according to their requirements, they would surely come up with the retina display vision in the next iPhone too as it revolutionized the mobile viewing experience. it would the incredible phone from apple, with 8 mp camera which can take the panaromic photos, and video recording @1080p, and for sure siri would be there with its new version, available in two sizes i.e 3 inch(iphone5 nano) and the regular version.

  31. Jay Collum says:

    First of all that is not the actual iPhone 5 picture, it is a concept. Secondly I have had three android phones and have recently got an iPhone 4s. My 4s works better than any other android phone I have owned. Everything runs flawlessly, it’s fast and just plain easy to use, with everything you really need built right into it, not to mention the Camera rocks. So yeah the 4s was a great update and I use siri all the time. I am a software developer and have worked with many operating systems and have watched them evolve over the last several years. There is a reason that mobile developers prefer to develop iOS applications. And thirdly lets bitch about the size of the screen? it’s a damn phone. Go get a computer or a tab. I love the size of my phone, it allows me to do everything I need it to do with a crystal clear picture. Not to mention amazing battery life for a smartphone. All these companies are releasing larger and larger screens and can’t even keep their phones running for more than 4 hours. Also there are so many mobile companies out there developing for android. Of course their gonna come out quicker and more often. They also have their operating system done for them. They just need to make a phone that can incorporate the OS. Apple is developing the phone and the OS together for better functionality and integration. The OS is where all the work is being placed. None of the other companies out there have to worry about that. So just be patient Apple will blow everybody away with their iPhone 5. And to be honest I don’t personally care. My iPhone 4s works flawlessly and I use it for everything and it is hands down still the best music player(there is a reason the saying ” I want an mp3 layer” turned into “I want an iPod”). I also love the fact that I can back up all my apps and every piece of information on my phone . So yeah it has limited memory. But If you count it’s perfect integration with iTunes it technically has an unlimited amount of storage which can be customized with just a few clicks of a button. I mean come on how many hundreds of hours of music and movies do you really need on your phone at one time?. It is still hands down the best all-around easy to use smartphone still on the market. Yes 4g would be alright. But to me all that means is eating up my data plan just a little bit quicker. 3g is plenty fast (anybody remember dial-up, wireless wasn’t even an option). People need to slow themselves down a little and learn to relax. Not the other way around. My web pages load in 30 seconds max but averaging between 5 – 10 seconds. “Oh look the longest my 4g phone took to load a page was 20 seconds” Honestly are you in that big of a hurry that 10 seconds will change your life? I am by no means a fanboy of apple. I honestly prefer linux which android is somewhat based off of. I am just a fan of quality products and to me apple has unparalleled integration with their devices. I love android and strongly supported it since the first “DROID” phone came out on the market. But since I’ve made the switch I don’t think I will ever go back. My iPhone 4s has more than proved it’s worth to me.

    • One Mill Bill says:

      I could have written this myself. Well said!

    • MeNotYou says:

      I have been a Droid user since the beginning, but even I am starting to think about getting the iPhone 5. I’m tired of the slow Droid OS, the simplest of tasks requiring so many screen taps, and no consistency on app behavior when it comes to embedded menus and settings. I typically have to reboot my Droid once or twice a week…my iPad ONE has never failed me yet. It runs fast and smooth just like it did three years ago (or whenever it was I bought it).
      I recently bought the Motorola Razr due to my last Droid GPS no longer working. I like the phone, but I have to turn 4G OFF because it won’t make it through the day due to the additional antennae. So, I paid for a 4G phone and use 3G service…that’s kinda messed up.

    • Guyver says:

      hahaha! your post was very funny. You had 3 android phones and your iphone 4s is way better. You talk about how great the iphone 4s is by immediately turning around saying how you don’t need what it can’t do. Well I can say that too. Being a billionaire isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Sure you can buy whatever you want and take care of your family but who needs that? I just need just enough money to get through the week. All you’re credibility is shot! Sure your phone is slower, but who cares because it’s better. Sure your screen is smaller but who cares it’s better. Remember? it’s a phone, but you can back up all your music and do all these wonderful things with it. Didn’t you just make the argument that none of that matters because it’s just a phone? Your iphone 4s is flawless. Yours is the only one. All of these other iphones users having issues with their phone but yours is flawless. How come Apple couldn’t replicate your phone and sell that one to everyone? Also..you use siri all the time? really? Apple admits it’s a broken software that doesn’t work as advertise and said it’s in beta testing now that they are getting sued over it, but yet again…it’s just your iphone 4s that has a perfectly working siri. Nice! You have a crystal clear picture with your retina display. I mean TFT LCD display which we’ll just call retina to make it sound like something we created. I thought you said it was just a phone? why would you even mention a crystal clear display? Let’s talk about the amazing battery life on the iphone. If you do know about tech like you claim then you would know the reason Apple hasn’t added anything because if you use more power then you burn more of the battery. They always promoted the batter life so to actually put in current tech then they would have to admit once again that they B.S. the consumers. My 1997 cell phone can last for weeks on one charge. it didn’t do anything. neither does the iphone 4s. The iphone 4s is like that short little fat kid in the back of the race that can’t quite keep up but you lie about his performance to make him look better. “Yeah the iphone has limited memory but if you count itunes” lmao! yeah he can’t keep up but if you count his heart and determination that makes him the fastest! even though he keeps coming in last. Eventually everyone will get tired of betting on that horse. Can’t keep looking stupid in front of everyone. Especially when you say you develop for these platforms. I don’t believe you do. Name one app you developed.

      • Chris says:

        Dude. Here is the thing. You’re full of crap. Lets compare something. He made a logical comment. You made a stupid one. Evidence supported by your -7 rating and his +17. Anything you say is null and void due to your inability to properly use punctuation or even capital letters. Good job on not being as smart as a school kid.

  32. Dan says:

    If it gets 4.3-4.75″ screen i might consider it, if it doesn’t i’l get galaxy s3. Sent from galaxy s2 :-D.

  33. Wc says:

    Farm, try to switch from iPhone to android! I bought a droid bionic from Verizon to get double data deal they offer. Here I sit with an iPhone 4 typing at this moment while the droids battery is dead after using it. For an hour earlier. I just want a 4g iPhone so I can get the Verizon priceing plan!

  34. Rob says:

    Apple sold over four million of the iPhone 4S, within three days after its launch, the most ever for a phone and more than double the iPhone 4 launch!! That’s a failure to you?

  35. Apple says:

    The IPHONE 5 might be released by next year or in late fall, I have a gold edition IPHONE 5 from the Apple Company just a gold edition for me it was designed

  36. Chuck Ferrera says:

    Include holographic messaging feature in addition to a holographic keyboard. R2D2 pocket size.

  37. raj bhalla says:

    See apple has made himself standing alone first in the race of hunters. So none could beat its technology. I would love to grab iphone 5.


    i wanna buy i pone 5

  39. Garrett Heimbold says:

    everyone stop, i have an iPhone 5 and i live in wisconsin, you should be getting it soon

  40. Boo!!! says:

    I really hoping that the iphone 5 or 6 or whatever the hell you wanna call it comes out soon. Lol I been waiting for sprint to come out with the iphone for the longest, and now that its there its kinda hard. I’m trying to wait it out cause I don’t wanna get the 4s then apple releases an iphone 5, and I’m stuck with that. It will be my first iphone so, that would really ssuck. I’m really hoping the summer perfections are right…

    • kobedoe says:

      Not to burst your bubble, but just because Sprint carries the 4S, it is not a guarantee they will have the 5 at the launch. In fact, all current signs indicate Sprint will not have the 5 this summer if it does indeed come out this summer. Primary reason being is that the 5 will be a 4G phone – not a 3G phone with 4G speeds. Sprint currently has a very small and somewhat lacking 4G network that is only available to about 5 or 6 big cities at the moment. Their network size is not looking to expand until at least sometime early next year. Verizon and AT&T already have large scale ready 4G networks all over the world. If Sprint cannot meet the 4G demands of Apple, Apple does not have to contract with Sprint this summer. There is a chance Apple can sign to at least release the iphone for Spint in the cities for which it does have coverage, but your phone would obviously not work outside of those areas. Overall, its not likely to be an attractive deal for Apple. I would not expect Sprint to get the 5 until the beginning to middle of next year to be honest.

  41. john b says:

    who ever below me says that the iphone 5 is coming out in june and the iphone 6 is coming out in september is wrong. apple would never release 2 different iphones in the same year, let alone 3 months apart. thats one of the dumbest things ive ever heard.

    • melissa s says:

      no apple would release two devices, they were suppose to release the 4s and the 5 at the same time, if they do this they will cover more of the market and not just be on the high end of the smart phone market.

      • Joel says:

        This person clearly didn’t even read the article.
        The iPhone 4s was released so that Apple could throw the iOS5 update into play, — Before Android could get Icecream Sandwich (v4.0) update out, in my opinion — to keep their stocks floating, but as this article said it did quite the opposite. Apple will always be aiming for the high end class of the market, they have a reputation as revolutionaries. Aiming for the middle rung is not their style. In a more direct responce; Apple has such a wide fanbase that to them, there is no “High End” market. Just “Our” market.

  42. Mark Jacobs says:

    I’ll be waiting to get my iPhone 5. I was debating upgrading, but I just don’t see it worth being the time. Hangout and see what happens then make the purchase once rumors become more confirmed.

  43. I agree with the comment above mine because it is a waste to get the iPhone4s when you can upgrade in June to the iPhone5, or September when the iPhone6 comes out. I also think that the 4s is a big waste because I don’t see that much of a difference! Reply to me on what you think!

  44. I have been waiting for the iPhone5, but I read on another website that the iPhone6 might come out in September of this year. Also, the iPhone5 is supposed to come out in June of this year. I am deciding whether I should get the iPhone5 now in June, or wait for the iPhone6? If you have an answer, reply! Thanks! Peace out to the world! Here I come Apple Store!

  45. Hawkpalmer says:

    Ive had my iPhone 3GS for nearly 3years now (waiting for this damn iphone5 to be released. I gotta say I’m getting really fed up with iPhones tho as other phones seem to be far more advanced with features and screens/cameras ect and iPhone seem to be cashing in and dragging their feet. When iPhone first came out it was thinner and lighter than anything else on the market and the software (pinch/zoom/touch screen) was awesome but every other phone has caught up and leap frogged iPhones now. Surely apple have to up their game and give us what we want now? If not I’m off to get the Samsung galaxy note, lol I’m from uk btw. Come I apple up your game and stop the dodgy “s” releases. Give us 4g capability, better camera/video, better screen, fast CPU and ram, and invest in better software to blow the market away.

    • Chris says:

      Notice the fact that your average Droid user has had 5 times as many phones as you have had in the time frame you’ve had yours. That’s because better features do not make a superior product.

  46. Paulmorden says:

    I was told by someone working in a phone shop last week that the I phone 5 will be released on the 21st June. I was asking about the Samsung s3 and how good quad core phones will be. I have an iPad and love it but want an I phone . I was told That the new quad core phones are on there way now and apple are following close behind because they can’t afford to leave it to long .

  47. W!lD bOy420 says:

    Ya I Never Even Had A Smartphone & My Upgrade Is Pretty Soon and I’d Hate To Get The iPhone 4s, Then Get Fcked Over With The iPhone5 Coming Out Whenever. Once I Upgrade Im Locked In For TWO YEARS, Therefore I’d Really Appreciate A Release Date Apple -_-

  48. Ken says:

    FAKE!!!! The new iPhone 4g/5 is obviously a new android in disguise

  49. nancy says:

    My daughter is really looking forward to the iphone 5 release. Id really like to get it for her!!! I really would like the OFFICIAL release date.

  50. Nathan says:

    The Iphone should not go 4 inch screen like the galaxy nexus that is pointless you buy the Iphone cause it is like no other model out there all the iphone 5 is going to need is a new camera preferably crystal clear pics and a built in editor instead of an app and the 4G network and please dont go back to the metal back it looked terrible not a nice design atal the iphone 4 shape and design was perfect!

  51. meg says:

    I’d go to the iPhone, if they finally added a usb port, expandable memory, battery access, and a more substantial sized screen to keep up with the growing size of smartphone screens as well as the resolution & better quality to go along with it. They’re claiming a Christmas release for this.

  52. COolie says:

    well if you want my opinion, they should have the iphone 5 look like a new modern type phone. like for instance the galaxy nexus.. thats a really nice phone. but if you were to bring it to apple and put all of the apple features on it and the more futuristic concept look it would be an even nicer phone. anyone agree?

  53. Change says:

    Great read.. But whats the final date now ??

  54. Lindsay says:

    What does the iPhone 5 have that the i Phone 4S doesn’t have? Is there a MAJOR difference between the two iPhones?

  55. Vanessa says:

    I’m sure whatever the iPhone 5 looks like it will be just as spectacular as every other recent release from Apple. They’re one of the few companies that pretty well never disappoints. The same can’t be said for RIM, which is why I switched to the iPhone this past summer.

  56. shay says:

    i really want an iphone 5 it looks really nice!

  57. Ms.Technology says:

    Will the iPhone 5 be coming to T-Mobile ????

  58. Sally Sue says:

    So the iPhone5 is uncrackable ? the keyboard comes out ? & It will be better than any other phone ? people wont be able to get upgrades if they just upgraded to the iPhone 4S ….

  59. stephanie clarkson says:

    I think it would be a very bold move if Apple bring out an iphone 5 as early as June. They have just release the 4s, people are locked into 12, 18 and 24 month contracts with their network providers, no one will be eligible for upgrades. There will be a lot of angry customers.

    • bailey says:

      Yeah. I have the choice of getting a 4s right now..but I don’t want to be locked for 2 years when the new iphone 5 releases this year…So I might have to go without a phone for a few months because of it! ATT raised the price of a one year contract to $250 extra!

  60. Mr.black whenitsironiccuzimwhite says:

    Iphone 5? Uncrackable screen plz?

  61. kelly says:

    i love the iPhone now and can’t wait for the iPhone 5

  62. Michael Jackson says:

    I have some suggestions: it would be nice if the iPhone 5 featured a fullHD 1080p 3D camera on rear and front for recording/photos, also a holographic QWERTY keyboard would be cool, a larger screen, and a fingerprint/eye scanner so that if your phone gets stolen or if you loose it no one can go on it. Another feature that would be amazing is to be able to charge it wirelessly by plugging in a portable cable. It got me mad when they released the iPhone4s, meanwhile they got everyone(including me) excited for the iPhone5. Steve Jobbs can kiss my ass.

  63. bridget boger says:

    i dont believe its ever gonna be released.. so nobody never really heard the iphone 4s was coming out but it did soo why get us all excited about the iphone 5 then not release it.?

    • Saumik says:

      Actually todays technology is far more advanced than we are showed. Large companies like Sony ,Apple or Blackberry they just do not show what they have got in their Lab. They keep some of their technologies as secret for later release. It is their business policy. So in my opinion our technology is 3-5 years advanced then we are. I may be wrong.

      • Farm says:

        Consumer Technology is evolving so fast. But not nearly as fast as technology advancement. We are given what we can afford in small increments to keep markets alive and boyant. Competition for the next hyped up throw away piece of tec… Buying a new phone every year is almost normal but whoever throws up a true leap in tec evolution will win hands down, apple will be left behind unless they match the best phones out there now..4s was a 4 with a slightly better processor and a bit of Siri software… That was a complete con.. iPhone first came out it was hot property, now it’s living off hype and apple fanboys, they won war but only just, but the battle is yet to begin.. I like my iPhone 4, but if they don’t offer a bigger screen and something that pulls I into game, I don’t think I’m the only customer apple will push away.. Poor battery, no customisation, pinned in and overpriced

  64. Ihaab Ahmed says:

    I think I phone5 will the best phone ever being produced. I watched the functions and the features of I phone5 it really rocks. Nowadays everybody wants an I phone5 or Blackberry with them. Of course everybody wants it. Because it really rocks.

  65. express reader says:

    iPhone 5 is expected to b a transparent phone. which have screen on both sides and bit longer then iPhone 4s. and i may release near about December 2012 on in January 2013.
    just wait and watch what would apple do with iPhone now to attract the world towards their product once again…

  66. bob says:

    why is there no home button is it like touch or something?

    • Saumik says:

      Home buttons are not touch cause the touch screens on apple iphones or ipods are really sensitive.It can cause your iphone features run without your permission in your pocket. Even Steve Jobs did not want a single button on iphone. Experts are working really hard to find a way out of it.

  67. Neville James says:

    I am a proud owner of Iphone4s.when is Siri comming to canada

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