iPad 4 Release Date, Features And Rumors

iPad 4 ConceptAlthough the iPad 3 has just made its way into the world, iPad 4 release date rumors are already circulating. It’s become very clear that Apple does not rest on its laurels when it comes to keeping a steady stream of sleek, stylish gadgets coming to the market. But how much is really known about the iPad 4 at this point?

The Rumors

Earlier this year, news sources reported that a Taiwanese component manufacturer made statements that allude to new tablets being created by Apple in 2012. The source claimed that two high-powered tablets would be released. The first part of this rumor turned out to be true; the iPad 3 hit stores in March 2012.

The credibility of this source is unconfirmed, but, thus far, their information has proven to be solid. It would be a change of pace for Apple to release a simple upgrade to the iPad technology without implementing anything new within a six-month span. By taking a look at how Apple has released products up until now, we can make some educated guesses about what the future holds.

The Apple Pattern

Since the original iPad, Apple has annually released an improved version of their product. This gives time for their current product to flourish, drop out of the spotlight and give time for the next product’s hype to grow.

This pattern has proven successful for Apple thus far. In March 2011, Apple sold more than a million iPad 2 units in the first weekend alone. Fast-forward to March 2012 and we have the much-hyped iPad 3. In its first three days alone, three million units were sold. Are there any reasons for Apple to change their strategy for 2012?

Competition For The iPad

One of the factors that could lead Apple to change its release plan is new competition in the tablet market. This market is heating up with Amazon, Microsoft and other tablet makers creating products that stand to compete with the iPad. What does the competition have to offer?

Microsoft is definitely ready to make a play in the tablet market. Windows 8 boasts the possibility of having a single device that acts like a Tablet but can also be docked and used like a normal laptop, complete with peripherals. This gadget would also support legacy software and classic windows desktop.

Could the competition from these other companies cause Apple to vary from their yearly release schedule? The fact that most of these devices now offer similar functionality means that Apple has serious reasons to take their product to the next level quickly.

iPad 4 Release Date – Current Rumors

At this time, there seem to be two distinct rumors about the iPad 4 release date The first is built on the Taiwanese manufacturer’s comments about a new device dropping in the second half of 2012. This puts the possible release of some sort of new product at October 2012.

This rumor makes sense because the competition is all planning to release new devices around this time. The obvious reason is to have a new product for the 2012 Christmas season. To compete, the iPad 4 will need to have some killer new features to stay on the top of the tablet heap.

The other rumor is that something completely different will be coming along in the second half of 2012. It seems reasonable that Apple needs at least a year to get each iPad ready to go. Only time will tell which of the two rumors comes true.

iPad 4 Features

Rumored features for the iPad 4 include it being even thinner or smaller to compete with the Kindle and other smaller tablets. Some sites have reported iPad 4 features will include powerful hardware and, most importantly, new software that integrates with computers seamlessly.

This is one of the weaknesses of the current iPads that other companies like Microsoft are looking to capitalize on. It will definitely mean greater functionality and the possibility of an iPad completely replacing your computer instead of being just a complimentary mobile version of it.

Bright Future For Tablets

Regardless of which rumors are true, the iPad is here to stay. Apple enthusiasts have reasons to be excited about the future of Apple’s tablets and other releases. Stay tuned for more iPad 4 features rumors and official news updates.

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