iPad 3 Release Date Sooner Than You Think

iPad 3 Release Date

Rumors abound about when the new iPad 3 will be released and what features it will have compared not only to its predeassor, but to comparable devices that are also being released. Given the fact that the holiday season has already begun, the iPad 3 isn’t going to be the talk of the proverbial town at this time. Looking ahead however, the iPad 3 is rumored for release by summer of 2012. Apple, of course, isn’t commenting but there’s plenty of buzz about the potential features the iPad 3 will have that will likely once again blow all the competition out of the water.

The iPad 3 Screen Apple certainly never makes a move backward and the iPad 3 is expected to increase the current pixel density of the iPad 2 significantly enough to double the iPad 2’s resolution. Rumors are spinning in tech circles that both LG and Sharp are scrambling to find comparable display quality from manufacturers overseas. Obviously, if these companies are shopping in rapid-fire succession, it’s an indication that they’ve gotten wind of the resolution of the iPad 3 and want to keep up with the Jones’.

The iPad 3 Body Don’t expect the iPad 3’s body to be as thin as the iPad 2. There’s a limit to how thin you can make the iPad and it’s internal components without crossing the line of sacrificing adding new technology. People who bought the iPad 2 also have been commenting that the thin design is nice, but not necessary and many people wonder just how durable such a thin screen is, long term. Like the cell phones that went to the furthest edges of small and thin, the iPad 3 will likely rebound into a more realistic size body that even people with the least dexterity can use.

The Connector Controversy Regardless of whether Apple will go with a thinner or thicker body, rumors are even more strongly suggesting that the company will abandon the 24-pin connector located at the base of the iPad 2. This may increase connectivity and speed in communications between the iPad 3 and peripheral devices but for those of us who have iPad 2 accessories that utilize the 24-pin connection, we’re SOL. That’s right, in order to use a new connection, you’ll also need to invest in new peripherals for the iPad 3, even if you have perfectly good devices for your iPad 2. This isn’t to imply however that Apple won’t also offer an adaptor for 24-pin to the new connection but the iPad 3 would not be expected to support the faster speeds provided by the new connection.

The Bottom Line on the Ipad 3 Release Date From the rumors, it appears the iPad 3 will likely be revealed by the summer of 2011. Other buzz suggests that Apple will first offer a newer version of the iPad 2, called the iPad 2 Plus, by March of 2012. This model may placate present iPad users as well as people considering the iPad 3 but who don’t want to wait.

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