How To Uninstall On Mac For Idiots

How To Uninstall On Mac

When you buy a mac computer, you might need to install some applications and software to enhance the use or function-ability of your machine but with time, the applications and software that you install might start taking up too much space on your hard disk hence slowing down your machine instead. At this point you feel like you want to remove then efficiently from your mac computer. Uninstalling applications on mac software is a bit different from uninstalling from a Microsoft computer.

To uninstall from the mac, go to the desktop and look for an icon appearing as “Macintosh HD” and double click on it.  A list of applications of your computer will appear, systems and the library. This particular icon looks like the shape of a hard drive and it is either in blue or gray colour.  To be able to view the list of applications already installed on your computer so as to choose which to uninstall, double click on the “Applications” icon. This is the beginning on how to uninstall on mac. From the list of applications, you will get details of all installed software programs and details on how big they are and when t you installed them. The best way to know which application to uninstall is to check the size of the application against its use. Things like how often you use the application should be addressed. If not frequent and it takes a lot of space then mark it for removing.  Some of the applications if they were installed a while ago and no updates had been done, probability is that they are out of date and you might need to update them soon. By updating, newer files are added and enable the application function better than the previous version. This is how to uninstall on mac computers and free up needed space for speed.

Press and hold the control button to have the list of actions appears so that you can choose from that, whether to uninstall or what. This is the CTRL function on the keyboard. Now, to actually uninstall the application that you have made up your mind to remove, you can either drag the selected application software or drop it in the trash bin or you can right click on it and select delete. That will remove the application software permanently from the location it was but not entirely from the mac since it is temporarily stored in the trash bin.  After doing that, you can use Finder to search for any additional files of the software application you have just removed and remove them too since they will not be in use any longer.  You can remove applications that serve the same purpose as other applications installed on your mac and al others that are no longer used. The free space created will enable the mac run faster. This is how to uninstall on mac. To completely remove, empty the trash bin but beware because after doing that, there is no retrieving.

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