How To Get Wavy Hair Overnight

How To Get Wavy Hair

If you are trying to change your look, or simply want a new hairstyle for an upcoming event, you might want to try and creating a wavy and tousled look. Though you may have to think a bit to determine how to get wavy hair overnight, even those with stick straight locks can have wavy hair if the proper steps are followed.

The first step in achieving wavy hair is to have clean and conditioned hair. Since even straight hair may have a slight bot of curl, bend or wave in the hair while wet; opt to use a shampoo and conditioner designed for curly hair. This is the first step involved when you are trying to achieve the goal of how to get wavy hair.

Once washed, towel dry hair until slightly damp. You then need to run a wide tooth comb through the hair to remove all knots and ensure your hair is easy to manage. When you are working on hoe to get wavy hair, once you get th wave and curl set in the hair you will not want to disturb the waves and thus need to have hair brushed out before imparting waves in to the hair.

You need to place a quarter size amount of hair gel, foam or mousse in to the palm of your hand. Using a product labeled as one to enhance curl is the best way to achieve wavy hair. You need to evenly distribute the hair styling product through your whole head, and scrunch hair in your hair as you go. You will be able to tell if your hair is starting to get wavy or not. For some, this may be the only step needed to create soft waves, and if so, allow hair to naturally air dry and do not brush as that will remove the waves. If however, you still want more waves, you will need to add one more step to your routine. Blow dry hair the rest of the way dry, using a diffuser attachment, and scrunching hair as you go.

For added bounce, wave and curl, plug and turn to a high heat setting a wide barrel curling iron or wand. Make sure the curling iron is completely hot before beginning to use the device. Work with one section of hair at a time and wind hair around the barrel of the curling iron and let set for one to two minutes until the hair is hot to the touch. Unclasp the tension rod of the curling iron to open up the barrel and let the curling iron slide out from the hair. Do not pull or unravel the curling iron from the hair as this may pull down and loosen waves.

Allow hair to cool completely and using your fingers, work hair into waves by finger styling the hair. You will need to separate the strands from the large curls imparted by the curling iron, and coating fingers with hairspray prior to finger styling will help keep the waves in the hair. Once you have styled your hair, spray or mist with a light coating of hairspray over your whole head to set the style. That is how to get wavy hair overnight the easy way.

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