How to Get Rid Of Ticks On Dogs

How to Get Rid Of Ticks

Ticks are small eight legged, spineless creatures that become attached to the skin of animals and sometimes even humans, and feed on their blood. Ticks must be got rid of for various reasons. They are the carriers of infectious diseases and can carry illnesses not only in pets but also in humans. Ticks’ eggs hatch in early spring. The baby ticks usually would be nested in tall grasses or on small plants. The baby ticks have sticky outer shells which help them to climb to the top of grass when the grass is wet with due. When your dog passes through these grasses, the ticks transfer themselves to the animal.

Once they are on your pet, they rapidly get down to the pet’s skin and begin to suck blood. When they have had enough of the blood and become engorged, they drop off. If the ticks happened to be carrying any disease causing germs, they get passed on to your pet. Do not let your pet run around in tick infested grass, especially in the season when the ticks thrive which is April to September.

How to get rid of ticks on dogs • Do not let your pet run around in tick infested grass, especially in the season when the ticks thrive which is April to September.

• During these months, use a trick preventive on your dog. These can be applied to the skin of the dog’s neck, once a month.

• During the tick season, you must physically examine the dog for ticks. Some of the special areas that you must remember to check for are inside and behind the ears and also around the dog’s eyes.


How to get rid of ticks from cats Rural and outdoor cats have the maximum chances of being attacked by ticks. However, indoor cats too can get infested with them. Apart from the disease that ticks spread in cats, they can cause hypersensitivity and anemia in your pet. They also have an adverse effect on the cat’s immune, lymphatic and nervous system.

• Keep your cats indoors especially in the ticks season. • Physically check for ticks on your cat, if she wandered into any grassy area during her outing. • If you suspect that your cat has been roaming in tick infested area, use a tick-preventive spray on her. This is also available in powder form. • A flea or a tick collar can also help keep away the ticks.

How to get rid of ticks from your yard • If your house is situated in a heavily wooded area, dig a 3 feet by 3 inch deep trench between your property and the grassy area around the house. • Keep the garden area with a pet-safe insecticide. • Always keep your lawn mowed and the bushes trimmed. • Check regularly for ticks on carpets, drapery, storage areas and closets. • You can make a pest control solution at home by filling cardboard tubes with a few cotton wads soaked in permethrin. This will make mice come to collect the cotton to build their nest. The ticks riding on the mice gets killed when they ingest permethrin.

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