How to Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

How to Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

Have you even taken a shave and later on see some red spots on the place you have just shaved?  These are called razor burn or bumps, many people get affected with these burns after they have taken a shave. For those who are lucky, these symptoms last for hours and then disappear, but for those who are not so lucky, the bumps will remain there for some time. In case you have these burns or you experience them more often after shaving, then you must be thinking of how to get rid of razor bumps fast. There are different solutions that you will get in the market concerning removal of these burns. Some of the solutions that you will find might work while others might not. In some case, these solutions might prove to cause more harm than you expected. This might be attested to the fact that the recommended products react with the burns or your skin. In case you are wondering on how to get rid of razor bumps, then have a look at these workable solutions.

• Aspirin; Aspirin is known to get rid of razor bumps easily. When using this drug, you need to dissolve two (2) uncoated aspirins in warm water. This should be on a teaspoon so as not to dilute the mixture. The mixture will form a paste that you will apply on the bump to soothe it. In case you want to remove it, warm water should be used. • Moisturizing lotion; In case you have a moisturizing lotion, then rub it on the bump gently. This lotion has been proved to work in the event of an itchy skin. This lotion will reduce the itches and help to get rid of it.

• Powdered oatmeal bath; Oatmeal powder is also used when you want to get rid of razor bumps. In this case, you need to add some oatmeal powder in a warm bath. This works in a way that it will soothe a goaded bikini line that might be showing signs of a razor bump or burn. In the event of itchy and swollen bumps, then you need to soak yourself in the warm bath for 15 minutes. • Diaper rash cream; when you have razor bumps, then you can use or apply razor diaper rash cream. This should be done after you have just shaved for a fresh look. • Cream cheese and honey mixture; when you apply a mixture of cream cheese and honey on the bumps, it will reduce their irritating and itching signs as well as swelling. • Ky-Gel; In case you are still thinking of how to get rid of razor bumps, then you need to try Ky-Gel. This gel should be applied on the burns so as to ease the itchiness and pain that they have. In case you have irritated stretches, then you can still apply it. • Aloe Vera leaf; Aloe Vera leaf is also used in getting rid of these burns. The gel in this leaf is unique and will help you relief the pain that the burn has. It will also boost you’re your recover rate. • Tea tree; you can also soothe your burn with tea tree oil for effective results.

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