How to Get Rid of Pigeons Easily

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

How to get rid of pigeons first assumes you have a pigeon problem.  A few birds coming into the backyard eating at the bird feeder is probably a welcome sight.  If those birds have build a nest on a tree too close to the kitchen window or built a nest actually on the house, then a family of pigeons might become a nuisance.  An even bigger problem is if a person lives in a building, and a whole flock of pigeons have decided to make a ledge a communal roost.  In areas where trees are scarce, pigeons will just line up on a ledge and scavenge the streets for morsels.

For a person who has had enough with bird tenants, there are plenty of ways on how to get rid of pigeons.  Many can be done yourself, while a few people make a profession at eliminating unusual problem animals.  The first step is to assess if doing it yourself is safe.  A two-story house is not much of a challenge, but imagine an office building or apartment with ledges too high for a conventional ladder.  Cleaning this part of the house is life-threatening business.

For small problems that are within reach, a good spray of a hose should clean out the birds and nests.  They build under sheltered areas in order to protect the nest from wind and rain, but water coming from underneath might persuade them it is not a great hangout.  Instinct will likely cause them to rebuild, but repeated applications will eventually persuade them otherwise.  Hose water will flush out the birds, their nest, and also disgusting bird poo that has likely accumulated on the area.

The hose works to get rid of nesting pigeons.  Pigeons that are just taking five are harder to do away with.  In an area with a lot of pigeons, when a few go away, a few new birds replaces them.  There are only so many convenient rest stops for birds, and they will use building ledges and even statues.  To prevent a work of art from being defaced by pooping pigeons, it might be a good idea to plant trees nearby.  Birds take to trees more naturally than statues, although if the statue is in the open it might be inviting.  Another solution might be to put a roof over the statue.

Some building owners will invest in an electric plate that runs the length of the ledge.  It discharges whenever birds walk on it.  While this option is not cheap and it must be professionally installed, it is an effective way to discourage passersby from sitting on a high building edge.  For a problem out in the country, a traditional scarecrow is effective, although nearby birds might eventually become accustom to it.

Scarecrows would look odd on a building, but gargoyles might work. If there is no other option, it is possible to hire an exterminator to find a better solution.  They might capture repeat offenders or find ingenious deterrents, such perhaps as a highly reflective surface.  More contraptions are invented every year so there are new options. That is how to get rid of pigeons the easy way.

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