How to Get Rid of Mice In The House Easily

How to Get Rid of Mice

Pest infestation is one of the most common problems inside the house. Cockroaches, mosquito, flies and mice are only some of the common pests that can definitely be a headache when they’ve infested and multiplied inside your house. Among these four, mice are one of the harder targets to eliminate in the house as they burrow deep into holes and cracks on walls and are very fast to catch. How to get rid of mice is a commonly searched question and has been since the invention of the house. If you build it, they will come. When left untreated, mice can impose a variety of problems, predominantly in the health of those living inside the house. Since mice aren’t as domesticated and trained like dogs and cats can be, they tend to pee and poop anywhere they want. And in some cases, they can leave their droppings in dishwashers, fridges, bathroom supplies, food containers and other places that store food and hygienic items. This means you have the chance of being infected when you ingest food or use an item that has been left with mice pee and poo. Mice also have the habit of using their sharp two front teeth to bite through anything they can. In some instances, clothes are one of the victims of mice. If you’re one of the many homeowners and tenants that are inflicted with this particular problem, read on as we discuss your options for getting rid of mice not just for the short period of time but for long term application as well.

You have two main options on how to get rid of mice – either hires a professional pest exterminator to do the dirty job or to use natural means of getting rid of the mice. If you don’t mind the inhumane and immoral way of getting rid of mice, which is by asphyxiating it or luring it with poison pills, that professional exterminators usually do, then give the pest company a call. The advantages of using this option are that it saves both time and effort from doing it yourself. If you’re somewhat busy and don’t have any family members to do the job and don’t mind of paying a reasonable fee, then this is an option for you. Price and intrusion into your house is two of the downfalls that this particular option has.

How to Get Rid of Mice

If you’re going for the more natural way of getting rid of mice, try using peppermint oil, which is used as a natural deterrent. The odor that it sets off into the air is simply too much for mice to handle and they’ll try to get away from it as far as possible. Peppermint oil can also help hide the scent of any tasty and fragrant morsels of food that were missed from cleaning. This will prevent the attraction of more mice into the house. You can buy peppermint oil in any health and food store near your area or any major grocery shops. Apply two to three drops of the oil into a cotton ball and place the ball in areas that you suspect the mice to be hiding in or making their home. You should also place more on the outside of your house, such as holes and cracks were mice be entering from. Another way is to buy steel wool and stick it in mice holes and cracks. Steel wool pads will impede the mice from using the hole as their primary entrance and exit to and from your house. Steel wool pads are fairly tough enough to be chewed by mice. If you still need help on how to get rid of mice, feel free to leave a comment below.

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