How To Get Rid of Lice Fast

How To Get Rid of Lice

Lice are one of the most difficult things to get rid of in your hair and in your home.  The process to become lice free is arduous and difficult.  It can actually cause many people great frustration if you really want to get rid of all of them.  Lice are small little bugs that attach themselves to hair follicles or right on the scalp.  They are very commonly found in young children, and they do not discriminate.  Anyone can get lice, and you can get them from practically anything that has fabric on it.  It is very important to remind young children not to rub their head against other children’s heads, not to share hats and coats, and to let you know immediately if their heads start itching.

How to get rid of lice requires great attention.  Once nits are found in the hair, it is important to take immediate action and comb through every part of the afflicted person’s hair.  Take the time to go through every strand of hair and remove each nit.  They are difficult to take off of the hair because the louse grabs onto it with all six little legs.  This does make it easier to distinguish though between lice and dandruff.  The dandruff will flake right off, but the eggs will stay attached more securely.  When you find eggs that also means that at some point there may have been a live louse or many lice on the head.  Look carefully to find these.  If you can get access to a bright light and a magnifying glass then you will have more luck finding all of the lice and their eggs.

Once you have confirmed lice, it is important to do the hard work.  First, you must bag up everything that has been in contact with the infected person’s head.  This means putting all stuffed animals and other play things that are made from fabric into a big bag and sealing it tightly.  It is recommended that these items be securely closed in the garbage bag for at least three weeks.  Make sure that you change all of the bedding, wash everything that can be washed, vacuum all of the carpets and furniture, and vacuum out your vehicle as well.

Now you should purchase a lice product from the store.  After you have picked out all of the eggs from the hair, apply the product according to the directions on the package.  Then, make sure that you continue to be proactive and clean out the eggs daily and nightly.  If you clear out all of the eggs and you find more the next day, then you have a live louse that you must find.  It will continue to lay eggs until it is found.  You can also wash the head in vinegar or mayonnaise.

Once the treatments are over and everything is clean, you should stay proactive and try to avoid getting them.  Some suggest that coconut shampoos and tea tree oil can keep lice away. Those are some of the most effective ways on how to get rid of lice. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below discussing.

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  1. nilaanie says:

    I have lice and its discusting, i want to get rid of itt fast befour i had it for 2 years, 2 YEARS and i had super long hair then i was lice free for like 1 YEAR but now i have lice agoain and there are some new people in our school and i think it from them i cant stand itt ……. when i had them for 2 years i used nix and nix doesnt even work but then….. i used C&R and it left for a while but then they turned into siper lice like would not die but …. i want it to be gone i dont want it to be like it used to be ya know ( SUPER LICE!!) i want it gone
    question: HOW DO I GET RID OF IT ?

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