How to Get Rid of Genital Warts

How to Get Rid of Genital Warts

So you want to know how to get rid of genital warts? Nobody likes receiving warts, especially in the genital region of the body. These warts are just like any other wart on the body, except the expand and are highly contagious. The warts occur during sex, when the partner has warts and the other individual’s body comes in contact with the warts. The warts can become extremely painful, causing itching and even begin to bleed. Genital warts occur thanks to HPV, and it is the most common sexually transmitted disease. It is important to have the warts removed as soon as possible, otherwise the warts might continue to grow and flourish on the genital area, creating more pain and discomfort.

Got to a doctor if you believe you have genital warts. The sooner you are diagnosed the better. This is never fun, but it is something you need to do. Your doctor is able to prescribe many different ointments and options for you, in order to determine the best method on how to get rid of genital warts.

Apply a topical cream to the warts. Essentially, these creams “burn” off the warts. You don’t actually need to obtain the cream from a doctor, and many of these creams are available without a prescription. Just make sure to purchase a wart removal cream that is for genital warts. Other creams are not as sensitive to the genital skin, which can become extremely painful. Follow the specific directions to have the warts removed. It is going to be rather uncomfortable, as you can often feel the heat of the medication. However, it is far better than dealing with the warts. After removing the medicated cream, always wash the area, otherwise the skin is going to become infected (further), or the irritation grows worse.

If the warts continue to grow and become worse, you might actually need to have the warts removed via surgical methods. It is important to see your doctor early on, as they are able to tell you the best practice to follow. However, if you wait long enough, the surgical method might be your only option, and generally these are more painful, although the procedure is direct and often does not take as long to cure.

The first option for surgical methods is to have the warts frozen with liquid nitrogen once every week or so. The skin then blisters around the wart and, eventually, the wart falls off. This practice is used for regular warts, so it is nothing new, although the skin around the genital area is more sensitive, so it is going to be felt further.

Another option on how to get rid of genital warts is the doctor sends an electrical current through the wart in order to burn it off. This is similar to a laser function when the doctor uses a laser beam to burn off the wart. Lasers are generally only used for extremely stubborn warts, or when there is a large infection of warts. These options are expensive, but extremely direct and helps remove the warts rather fast. If you are looking for the most direct method, these two are your best bets.

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