How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

So you want to know how to get rid of cockroaches? Do you get absolutely freaked out when you happen to find a cockroach in your bedroom, kitchen or worse yet the bathroom? It is horrible, isn’t it? That is if you are not much of an insect fan. There are easy ways you can get rid of cockroaches from all the  places that you would want clean and hygienic. These can be both natural and chemical procedures.

If you follow these cockroach riddance procedures you can be done at an  affordable price and be being sure of getting rid of them forever. Let’s come to the harsh and bitter truth in the beginning itself- spraying a cockroach does not solve the problem. You may have killed one, maximum two cockroaches by spraying but what about the whole  family of cockroaches that are residing under your kitchen sink? Spraying will not solve this crisis. One needs to follow some other drastic measures.

Getting your house inspected by humans who are experts in this field could help reduce the problem by a great extent. The first class technology that they use, can detect the presence of these pesky insects by visual inspection. The trained personnel may also use the help of a boroscope which allows the user who is using this instrument to see through wall cavities and spaces that even you as the house owner did not anticipate existed. With the use of listening devices, the possibility of hearing the pests inside your building structure increases and then identifies them quickly so as to suggest the best measure to get rid of the cockroaches. Moisture meters help  to identify the areas which are prone to infestation by these pests and chemically treat these areas so as to prevent the breeding of the cockroaches.

When you are considering the ways of getting rid of cockroaches in your house, there is a specific baiting process that can be followed to get rid of the roaches. This process involves the spraying of a disinfectant which contains a reproductive sterile agent that prevents the reproduction of insects and stops a future larger population. Finally if you want to use a  complete form of chemical treatment then your immediate and future roach problem will be solved and you will be prevented form any other harassment these creatures could cause.

The above solutions are mainly chemical and technology based.  If you do want some personal means by which you can reduce the infestation of roaches then here are some easy methods you can follow.

It is common knowledge that cockroaches prefer to stay at an arm’s length within the reach of their food and water resources. So the first step you can do to control pest problem is keep all your food covered. You should not keep food out uncovered even on an overnight basis and the garbage should be kept sealed and removed before going to bed at night. With the increasing use of technology and growth in almost everything it is not surprising that roaches feed on even glue and paper so all old papers should not be piled up and the glue bottle should be left clean after using so that there is no excess glue oozing from all sides of it. Make sure to get rid of leaking pipes, uncovered sewage waste and any other form of static liquid. This could prove excellent breeding ground not just for mosquitoes but also for cockroaches. Another way by which you can get rid of cockroaches is to install windscreens on your windows, vents, and the using of  weather stripping around the areas of your doors.

If you follow these steps you are sure to be  rid of the unwanted residents which occupy positions of  in your household or any other part of your social life. Stay healthy and maintain hygienic habits, the rest follows automatically. That is how to get rid of cockroaches the fastest and safest way possible.

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  1. thegalwhohatesroaches says:

    There is some great information on your site about getting rid of cockroaches. Some ideas I have never even heard about before such as using a boroscope. I personally used the borax powder and I found it worked like a charm. Roaches suck and if they do have a purpose on this earth I haven’t figured it out yet.

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