How to Get Rid of Blackheads Fast

How to Get Rid of Blackheads

How to get rid of blackheads is a common question in the fight for clear, healthy skin. Blackheads are tiny plugs that occur when the skin produces an excessive amount of oil. It has been said by dermatologist that blackheads are a type of acne. It is defined as the first stage of acne that takes place before an invasion of whiteheads, more commonly called pimples. This acne received the name blackheads from the color of the blockage when it is extracted from the pore.

Blackheads are commonly found in clogged hair follicles and have many causes that comes from things that take place in your daily routine. The leading cause of blackheads and increased oil production in the skin is hormones. This is one reason why women who are pregnant may experience a break-out due to the drastic changes in their hormone levels. Another cause is oil-based cosmetics. Mixing the make-up with the body’s natural oil can cause blackheads to form. Other very common causes include sweating, humidity, stress and different medications.

Ridding oneself of blackheads is the most difficult process in the battle to achieving healthy skin. There are several ways to fight blackheads that are both clinical and simple. The simple remedies utilizes items that are found around the house.

Chemical peels are a highly recommended clinical treatmeant. Though this process may seem a bit extreme, it only last a little over ten minutes depending on the strength of the chemical being used. The chemical is applied directly to the irritated skin, once removed a thin layer of dead skin cells. The skin that is left exposed is fresh and free of blemishes, scars and blackheads.

The leading skin care companies offer several creams to assist with how to get rid of blackheads. The creams are formulated to help with pore cleansing and specializes in treating all types of acne. The creams have several ingredients that targets the troubled areas. Research shows that salicylic acid helps with the shine of the skin, blemishes and the safe removal of blackheads by dissolving what causes them. There are blackhead remover tools that are used to safely extract blackheads and other embedded forms of acne. The vaccum type of extractor actually suctions out the core and the fluids. More simpler tools are the stainless-steel tools that remove blackheads by applying pressure to the irritated area with the tip of the tool. The pore strips is considered the most simple tool.

Many things found around the house can be used with discovering how to get rid of blackheads. Changes in habits can help with blackheads break-outs like stopping the use of blackheads soap,  frequently exfoliating and avoiding the use of thick, greasy, creamy products. The most common household item used to remove blackheads and dead skin is non-toxic glue. Other common things that used are toothpaste, lime juice, olive oil and honey. Each of these items are applied to the irritated area to get rid of acne and more importantly, blackheads.

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