How to Get Rid Of Bats Easily

How to Get Rid Of Bats

To get rid of bats, one must know how they get in. Small bats can squeeze through a 1 inch by 5/8 inch opening. Bats look for attics to set up their colony as they provide a good roosting place. Many times the bats enter the attic from where the sides of a house are attached to the roof or the chimney.

Other places favored by bats are attics, storage sheds, barns, dog houses, chimneys, louvers, soffits, siding and eaves. Roof tiles and shingles are another favorite spot.

Bats look for spots that are ideal for roosting, where the temperature is just right and where they can swarm together to keep warm.

How To Get Rid Of Bats: myths Moth balls do not get rid of bats unless they are used in quantities that are dangerous for humans and other animals.  Moth balls care carcinogenic and can severely impair your health if used beyond recommended quantities.

Garlic, lights, loud noises have all been suggested by different people to get rid of bats. You may be able to get rid of your neighbors this way but not the bats!

Many websites have been selling ultrasonic devices claiming that these get rid of bats. These don’t work and neither does ammonia soaked rags.

How to Get Rid Of Bats There are only two ways that you can get rid of bats: You will need to call the exterminator. They spray toxic chemicals which will rid you of the bats. Some states have banned this; however, as these chemicals are so toxic that they can harm humans.

The second method is a better solution though this might require patience. You will need to force the bats to leave and then don’t allow them to get back. This is normally done by keeping one exit open and sealing the rest and then forcing the colony of bats out. This is normally done by professionals as it can be a very tiring task. This cannot be done during the breeding season as baby bats cannot fly so they will be left behind and you will end up getting a terrible rotting smell.

If you find a lone bat hanging from a tree near your house, this does not mean that soon bats are going to invade your home. This may be a single bat just resting enough to digest its night’s meal.

How To Get Rid Of Bats: the win-win situation Having bats near your house is not a bad thing as they eat up all the bugs and mosquitos. However, they should not be allowed to roost inside your home as bat droppings and urine contain ammonia which not only causes a strong smell but is a health hazard as well. Additionally, bat bites can cause rabies. It is a good idea to set up a bat house outside your home so that when the bats are forced to leave from your attic, they have a home to go to.

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