How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold

How to Get Free Xbox Live Gold

Wouldn’t it be nice to figure out how to get free xbox live gold¬†access? The Microsoft Xbox has an online gaming feature that allows individuals from all over the world compete with one another in different games. These games range from strategy to first person shooters. The system, known as Xbox Live, keeps track of all user information and even allows each individual to create their own profile, communicate with friends and download additional content for the system. Of course, Xbox Live does generally cost money in order to play and participate, which can be frustrating, especially if you just want to check out the service before you buy into it. Thankfully, it is possible to gain access to Xbox Live for free, at least for a limited time.

When you purchase a video game for your Xbox gaming system, check the interior packaging. Often times, there is an insert that has a user gaming code for free Xbox Live coverage, at least for a month or longer. This gives you a taste of the service, so you can learn all the ins and outs of the system, without spending your money.

Power on the Xbox and connect it to the Internet. The Xbox connects to both a wired and wireless Internet connection, so select the best option through the system settings menu. Once the equipment is connected to the Internet you are able to begin the Xbox Live setup process.

Select to log onto Xbox Live from the main menu. When the Xbox Live menu loads onto the screen, you must select to create a new account. This prompts you into inputting a series of information, including your name, desired user name, password, address and billing information. You are required to enter the billing information, even when creating a free account.

Once you have added in all the necessary information, type in the access code printed on the gaming insert for the free Xbox Live access. The Xbox Live gaming network scans over the code to authenticate it. Once the code is confirmed, it welcomes you to the Xbox Live system and tells you that you have a full 30 days to use the system without being billed. Of course, you are going to be billed starting on the 31st day, so if you don’t want to see any additional charges on your credit card, you must cancel your account.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Alternative

There is a second way to gain access to Xbox Live. When selecting to create an account, you are able to select either the “Gold” or “Silver” membership options. Gold gives you full access to all the games and other network settings, while silver is limited and only allows you to access downloads and add ons for the network (in order to play most of the multiplayer content you need a gold service). However, if you just want to check out the network, or just want to download free content, then the silver package is perfect for you, plus there is no limit to the length of time you can play and use the silver settings. Those are the ways on how to get free xbox live, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment below discussing.

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