How To Get A Book Published As An Independent Author

How To Get A Book Published

Becoming an independent author and publishing your own work can be an easy process once you learn how. The first step is to determine the subject that you wish to write about and there are many helpful websites to help you focus on this. The main strategy is to write about what you know and decide who your readers will be. That is to say, what group of people would be interested in your finished work. You will need to know this for marketing purposes.

The best idea is to write your book in Microsoft Word, which will enable you to use the Tools drop down menu that has Spelling & Grammar as well as a Word Count. In the Spelling & Grammar drop down the analysis of the Readability is very important. This is reflected in the section called Flesch Reading Ease and the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. The reading ease tells you how easy your book is to read with a high percentage reflecting a much easier readability. The Grade Level is self explanatory and helps you determine at what academic reading level your work is written in. In the statements issued by the U.S. Federal Government to the media, such as weather warnings and weather updates, it is suggested that the reading level be that of 8.0 or the 8th grade. This is the average reading level of Americans from early teens to senior citizens. Again, this is why it is important to determine who your readers are going to be. If you are to write academically then you should have your Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level analysis at the 13.0 and above and your ease of reading will be at a lower percentage. This article is 9.8.

The next step in how to get a book published is to transfer your Word document on to a thumb drive or flash drive. Take this to your local store that deals with office supplies where there is a printing service. Then have the service convert your Word document to a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat. When they do this make sure that the Properties of the pdf reflect the Title, Author, Subject, and so forth with your name and correct information. If you don’t do this the pdf will default with the name of the store and when it is viewed in a reader the store information will be presented rather than the book title and your name as author. If you are really looking to write several books then learn how to get a book published by using Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard. This software is available for purchase at your local office supply store.

Now that you have created your book and have it in pdf the next step is publishing. Rather than to have the expense of ordering a large quantity of your book you can now have it Printed On Demand or more commonly referred to as POD. Online companies such as UniBook can provide one copy to you, many copies or just make your book available to you online whenever you choose to purchase it. Should someone else want to purchase your book they will send it to them and send you the royalty payment via PayPal. When you think about how to get a book published there are also companies like My Vision Works who will guide you through the process with their editors at a very reasonable price. Large publishing companies with expensive charges are not really necessary. You can learn how to get a book published by spending just a little time with Microsoft Word, your flash drive, your local office supply store and a Print On Demand business.

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