How To Build A Website From Scratch

Building A Website From Scratch Guide

The internet has continued being used by many people for different reasons. Businesses have created websites where they provide information about their company and services they offer to their online customers. There are some businesses which have created websites where they sell their items online through ecommerce. So, you have your own company and you are wondering how to build a website from scratch? Well, here are some tips on how and what you need to create a new website from scratch even by yourself. You will need the several things which include website developer software which can be downloaded online for free, a domain and a hosting company. These three things will enable you create and start running your website in no time soon. You also need some skills on how to use the website developer tool but since most of the work is done by the software, only a few tricks will be left for you to manually put. The domain acts like the house that a tenant live in with the tenant being your website while the hosting company provides you with virtual space to build the web pages and even setting up your email accounts.

A domain name is the name of your website for example, You need to think about this very well before creating a domain name. Some ideas can be making the domain name similar to that of your business such as if you your business is called Great Idea you domain name can be  You domain name is also what is used to direct visitors to your site when they are searching for the website in search engines. When know type in the company’s name on the search engine, you should get search result pages that direct you to that website. This trick can be very useful especially if you will be trying to attract traffic to your website.

However, you must realize that you must pay to register that domain and it costs relatively about $10 a year to register one. Initially it would cost more than this but with the technology advancing more and more, some services are becoming cheaper with time. After registering the domain name, you will need a hosting company to begin developing your website. You need to know what things you want in your website, images or not and extra links that lead to open other pages on your website. You can create articles talking about what you want the website to tell and include them in your website. While creating the website using the development tool, you will come across places where you will be asked whether you want to use images or colors. You can use these features to customize your website to look just how you want.  The hosting company provides the space for you to create the web pages of your website and hosts them all. You can find several hosting companies online but you need to look for one that meets your needs most. This is how you can create a website from the scratch.

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