How To Become An Ordained Minister

Becoming An Ordained Minister

If you want to know how to become an ordained minister, you need to first evaluate your decision on why you chose this career. You can do this by discussing this decision with your pastor or another seasoned ordained minister who can offer guidance on the matter. An ordained minister is someone who even able to officiate a wedding ceremony and unite two people in matrimony. After making sure that you still want to continue with this calling, you can apply for a preaching license with the denomination that you worship in. this gives you the chance to have supervision from an ordination committee that will work with you in guiding you to becoming an ordained minister just as the committee members are.

Identify a college that offers training that is closely related to the doctrine of your denomination. You can find colleges that offer degrees in theology but you need to find one that suits your doctrine. Most of these colleges can even me found online through the use of the internet. While in college, serve in many pastoral duties as you are able to such as preaching in churches where you are needed when the main pastors of that church is on vacation. This gives you valuable experience which will greatly influence your move to becoming an ordained pastor. Ask from the college you are training in for a list of churches that need your services to fill in for a pastor who is unavailable. These colleges understand that this is a requirement and so they will have a list of such churches and they will offer the list to you upon requesting. Be on the lookout for any internship while in college and try looking for some where you will be working under the guidance of a seasoned minister. This experience will give you an insight on what you will be required of as an ordained minister.

Since many denominations require people who need to know how to become an ordained minister to attend seminary, look out for places where you can actually attend the seminary training and when you find one, apply. This will be after graduating with a degree in Theology in college. This is a requirement that you will have to meet in most cases. There are many places where seminary training is offered, again look for one that meets your denomination requirements. There will be an ordination board that will give you a set of conditions to meet before you are ordained, meet all these conditions and after doing that apply for formal ordination. If you manage to do all this, you will get ordained as a minister and be ready to preach and serve a one in your church. There are also online websites that can get you ordained and you can search for one online and follow the instructions in the website. There is normally sufficient information and guidance on how and what you need to do to get ordained as a minister through the website. Make sure you follow the instructions.

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