How To Become A Yoga Instructor

How To Become A Yoga Instructor

Becoming a yoga instructor can be a fulfilling and exiting way to earn a living. Most yoga teachers love what they do and enjoy the freedom of being self-employed. Many wonder “how to become a yoga instructor” and they do not know where to begin. One should first have exposure to yoga and the philosophy by first attending classes themselves and indulging in the culture. Taking an official and accredited yoga training course to prepare yourself to be an instructor would be the next step. Finally, you will need to pursue work by marketing yourself to establishments or opening your own yoga studio.

Truly understanding yoga and knowing that it is right for you entails becoming a student first for a considerable amount of time. Many could join a yoga instructor training course and realize after the course and wasted time and financial loss that yoga is not for them. This can be avoided by first becoming a student. Additionally, some training courses for instructors will not accept people who do not have at least a year or so experience with yoga. Enrolling in a local class as a regular student and soaking up as much as possible is the best first step in becoming a yoga instructor.

After one has a certain comfort level with yoga and understands all of the fundamentals and basics, the next step would be to attend an approved course in yoga instructor training. Yoga instructor programs that meet required criteria by the Yoga Alliance become registered. The Yoga Alliance is the premiere yoga organization for teachers and students. There are 200 hr and 500 hr training programs for teachers. The 200hr course is the minimum required for most yoga teachers to begin instructing at many locations and more experienced teachers may complete the 500 hr course. After completion of an approved yoga training program, the graduate is referred to as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). There are specialized types of yoga teaching such as Baptiste Power Yoga and Anusara. If you’re wondering how to become a yoga instructor in a specialty, the teacher normally completes their training program under the same specialty.

After an inspiring yoga teacher completes their training course and becomes a RYT, pursuing employment or work is the next and final step to become a yoga instructor. You can attempt to teach yoga at gyms, retreats, spas, for corporate clients, at prenatal centers, or give private lessons at student’s homes. There are many avenues and potential ways to go about teaching yoga. Some may become actual employees at large yoga studios, rent rooms at gyms, or open their own studio. As with all self-employment, going into business for yourself with yoga requires a business plan, discipline, and giving consideration to insurance, marketing, a physical location, and other relevant business details.

Teaching yoga can offer freedom, independence from low paying jobs or the corporate rat race, and peace of mind with making a living from something you love to do. Indulging in classes as a regular student, taking a Yoga Alliance registered teacher course, and a good business plan are all steps on “how to become a yoga instructor”.

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