How To Become A Rapper – Just Got Easier

How To Become A Rapper

Millions of young men and women would love to learn how to become a rapper but it seems like they have no idea where to start. Though it might seem like a simple way to create music, rapping is actually just as tough as singing. Some will think that rapping is easy because there are not too many places to get rapping lessons. However, you will need to take these things in mind to finally start the rapping career that you have always wanted to start.

Keep A Notebook

The first step towards becoming a rapper is to learn the art of writing your own raps. This can be seen as writing poetry but if you are serious about wanting to learn how to become a rapper, you must learn how to write your own raps. Rap is all about expressing how you feel and writing your own lyrics is the first step. Learn how to write correct rhymes and be as creative as you can possibly be. There is nothing wrong with writing your own rhymes as you will be able to see how you improve with your writing and what to work on.


Learning how to become a rapper is all about practice and making sure that you enhance your rhymes to become as good as possible. Though creating a beat or finding a beat online is important, it is important that you first practice your cadences and work on your delivery. Rapping is all about delivery and how you portray the lyrics that you spent writing. Remember that if you are serious about becoming a rapper, you must learn how to rap without having to read your lyrics. This means that you must memorize your lyrics and focus on being able to practice as much as you can. Practicing at least 2 to 3 hours a day is highly recommended and you must learn how to practice in front of people.

Make Videos And Expose Your Talent

Now that you are able to finally learn how to write lyrics and you have perfected your rap, then you will need to start advertising yourself. Create a YouTube video showcasing your song and see how people react towards it. If you are able to get good responses, then you are one step closer to becoming a rapper. You will then need to make some mix tapes and send them out to as many people as you possibly can. These mix tapes will have about 5-6 of your best songs and learn how to share your music properly.

Learning how to become a rapper is all about hard work and passion. You must be passionate about your music and to love every moment of it. Be careful of people will try and take advantage of you and make you pay them for exposure. Remember that there are ways to expose yourself and you don’t always need to pay people to do this. Take your time and you will certainly be able to become a rapper.

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