How To Become A Home Inspector

Becoming A Home Inspector

This article will detail how to become a home inspector, but first lets look at what that is and what they do. A home inspector is a person who is qualified and certified to offer opinions, evaluations and perform operational testing of homes to ascertain the conditions that home is for different purposes such as living there or even working there. A home inspector also works by writing reports about homes inspected, talking with prospective buyers of the homes and also other related consumers in real estate. Such a person is often called by a real estate agent to go and inspect a home before the house is sold to the clients. The cost of the inspection is often agreed upon when booking the inspection. In normal circumstances, a home inspector will be accompanied by a client while inspecting the home.

The inspection touches on several aspect of the home such as the interior of the home, the exterior and even the garage. After the inspection is completed, the home inspector will then advice the client based on the findings of the inspection and offers any recommendations too. This may take between two hours and four hours. The inspection begins outside the house focusing on the exterior parts such as the garage, then moving inside the house and inspecting the living spaces, roof spaces such as the attic and any other room inside the home. Other features such as the tap and drainage system will also be inspected to ensure that it is in great working conditions.

So, to become a home inspector you can begin by joining the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) which is actually the largest home inspector society in the world or any other society in your country that is for home inspectors. The society offers tests and training that are geared towards giving you all the required skills and knowledge that you need as a home inspector. You also need to learn as much as you can on matters about home repair and maintenance. Home inspectors also need to be very polite people and with a lot of customer care. This is because they interact with other people a lot and they need to be friendly and professional to their clients at all times.

Some of the areas that you need thorough knowledge on which you will be inspecting in a home are; foundation of the house and how it should be in agreeable standards, the plumping of the house and drainage, the electrical system of the house, roofing, interior  and exterior as well. These are some of the places that you will be inspecting as a home inspector and so being knowledgeable in them will be very helpful in becoming a home inspector. Having great communication skills is also very important because you will be writing reports and briefing the client on your findings from the inspection.

When sitting for the tests that are administered by the home inspector society, you need to get high scores so that you can qualify successfully into a home inspector. Any program that you enroll in within the society make should be completed.

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